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Oct 15, 2007 02:19 PM

Amboise Recommendations?

Any recommendations for restaurants in or near Amboise? I will have a car, but don't want to make a long drive for dinner. (A short drive would be fine.) Thanks!

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  1. Depends on your budget, but Chateau de Pray (less than 5 minutes outside Amboise proper) was fantastic when we ate there in May. We had the tasting menus + brut rose champagne, and I believe the total came to 160 Euros ? They had several prix fixe menus to choose from, though I think 45 E was the least expensive and I believe we got the 57E one. Delicious!!

    In Amboise itself, *avoid* Anne de Bretagne, whatever you do! Worst meal of our month-long trip through Europe. L'Epicerie is very good, with friendly service, a great cheese board, and reasonable prices. I believe we spent around 50 or 60 E for two.

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      A favorite stop of ours in that area is in Vouvray, a short drive west of Amboise and on the other side of the Loire. Vouvray wines are excellent and we always stop at the "Cave" of Chateau Montcontour (plenty of big signs along the road and in the town so you can find it). Excellent tastings and we highly recommend their sparkling (petillant) Vouvray. Prices at the winery are very reasonable (broad range of excellent Vouvrays under 10 Euros last visit 3 years ago). We generally bring back to the US a six-bottle box of their "Predilection" vintage. It has happend to us on at least 3 trips that after we bought our wine to drive off with, I told them I also wanted to buy a bottle of this wine chilled from their refrierator to drink that afternoon/evening. All 3 times, they gave us the chilled bottle as a gift.

      In the town of Vouvray is an excellent and classy restaurant - Le Grand Vatel. Sevice is impeccable, food is very well prepared, and price will not be hard on your wallet. The restaurant is on one of the main streets of Vouvray (small downtown area) running a a diagonal fromt the main road along the Loire. Highly recommend both places.

      If you want a very nice Bed & Breakfast in the same town, I can provide that as well.

    2. We just went to L'Orangerie du Chateau in Blois this summer, one town over from Amboise. It was one of the best restaurants I've ever been to.

      1. Check out Hotel Le Fleuray. ....Here's all their info: Le Plessis - D74, Route Dame-Marie-les-Bois - 37530 Cangey - Amboise - France - Tel : +33 (0)2 47 56 09 25 We had dinner there a couple of years ago while staying in Amboise. It was fabulous. It's owned and run by a British couple. The food and wine were superb and the setting is out in the countryside. We stayed at the Manoir les Minimes just below Chateau Ambosie and Le Fleuray was about a 15 minute drive across the river and easy to find. I hope you enjoy it. We loved Amboise. Bon courage!