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Oct 15, 2007 02:16 PM

Jaht Jook (or "juk")?

Can anyone recommend their favorite place for jook, especially jaht jook? Also looking for good abalone jook recs as well.

I've been to Bonjuk already; looking to expand my horizons (and please don't say YoungSuSan).


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  1. For abalone porridge, try Mountain Cafe in K-Town.

    Mountain Cafe
    3064 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005

    1. theres like some place that specializes in juk on olympic. i think its east of western ave. i went there once and liked it enough... its kind of unfair to mention it since i cant recall the name, but next time i go to ktown i will make it a point to look up the name and address. maybe this friday...?

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        its called healthy zone 52 jook hyang

        3177 w olympic blvd
        los angeles, ca 90006

        and their business card has two telephone numbers and no fax. (maybe one of these is actually a fax? dont know)

        213 487 5002
        213 383 5252

        go. they have a nice selection of juk to choose from. it has been more than a year since ive gone. but i distinctly remember being impressed by one of their weirder juks. it was served in a piece of bambo, oh about 5 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter... maybe? im recalling from memory. was it juk? maybe it was medicinal rice. that sounds more plausible than serving juk in bamboo. ooh. maybe it was bamboo rice. hmmmm.

        i do remember being impressed but i never went back after my first visit... i should go back to find that bamboo thingy again... hope thats still there!

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          Gotta get all the good eatin' done before I head out of here.