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Oct 15, 2007 02:11 PM

Baltimore restaurant for visiting Philly girl

I am staying in Baltimore for 3 nights this week and would like some reccs for dinners out in Baltimore. I am staying on the harbor at the Renaissance Hotel and will be going out w/ colleagues. There are 4 of us and we like everything---just looking for great food for our first trip to Baltimore. Walking distance is a plus.

Any suggestions are welcome!!

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  1. The Helmand is fantastic on Charles, it is walking distance from you but a cab would be recommended if you aren't a big walker. Its about a mile north on Charles.

    The brewers art has a nice menu if you want a hamburger or if you want something really classy, the whole upstairs is non smoking and the downstairs is a dungeon-esque smokers dream. Also about a mile north of you.

    Legal Seafood on Light st (i think) has pretty good cream of crab soup and some other nice meals.

    The restaurants at the inner harbor are ok if you want a typical american meal, theres a cheesecake factory and a california pizza kitchen, and a 5 guys burger place. Among many other places to eat..but i would go somewhere else.

    If you want to walk to little italy or fells point there are more restaurants there, its also about a mile, but you can walk by the water and cross over president street into the neighborhood. There is a whole foods over there, as well as many fabulous Italian places, I like dalesios, many of my friends like ciao bella although i havent been there.

    fells point has great bars with normal bar food.

    Tons of great places in walking distance, but most are about a mile walk. Cabs are pretty cheap too.

    Have fun in baltimore!

    1. In Federal Hill, just south of you, and also about a mile walk, are the following:

      Thai Arroy -- really yummy Thai with a great staff. This is one of my favorite places in the city.
      Corks -- New American. I still haven't been, but it's well-liked here.
      If you want a cheap dinner with no frills, go to Elvis -- Mexican/El Salvadoran on Light Street across from Thai Arroy. It's a paper plate kind of place, but quite good food.