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Oct 15, 2007 02:09 PM

NEW Culiver's Butter Burger of Mesa

Has Culiver's Butter Burger of Mesa opened yet? Anyone been there?

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  1. Haven't heard of it - have any details like location?

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      Ignore, found more details:

      Culver's of Mesa, AZ - Coming Soon!
      1909 S. Country Club Drive Mesa, AZ 85210

      Culver's of Phoenix, AZ - Coming Soon!
      1825 W. Deer Valley Drive Phoenix, AZ 85027

    2. If this is part of the Culver's chain from Wisconsin (and I think it may be because they call their burgers "butterburgers"), I can't comment on the burgers but the frozen custard is pretty decent. The custard isn't as good as Kopps in Milwaukee, which only has 3 stores, whereas Culver's is all over the state and may be in other locations too for all I know. As a sometimes visitor to Wisconsin (I live in L.A.), I'd be thrilled to see a local Culver's because the frozen custard is better than anything we have. However I can't speak to the frozen custard situation in Mesa or Phoenix, but I'm betting it isn't as good as in the midwest, by far.

      1. I talked to company last week and they said Valley locations would open in February.

        1. I am not sure of this location, but I have eaten a butterburger in Fargo, ND. Pretty tasty, from what I remember... esp for fast food...

          1. Culver's is better than In and Out....they rock. I'm from Michigan and keep checking the website to see when both locations are opening. The cheese curds are to die for and the burgers are yummy. They have crinkle fries that are very good too.

            The custard is better than ice cream but it is Not as good as Kopps. But you will be way too full to have it anyway after curds and burgers!

            5 stars...and here's to hoping the AZ version is as good as the Northern counterparts!

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              I used to go for the fried cod (in MN and WI). It was not bad for a counter service place. I never had room for dessert, and didn't discover the joy of frozen custard until after I had moved away.