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Oct 15, 2007 02:06 PM

Atlanta GA near Hyatt Regency

I will be in Atlanta Oct 23 - 25 staying at the Hyatt Regency at 265 Peachtree Steet NE.
Would love some nearby (walking distance would be great) recommendations for good Southern/Georgia cooking. Atmosphere is of no consequence. We want home cookin', Southern style. Thanks!

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    1. Gladys Knight and Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles -

      1. mentions Silver Skillet, Harold's, and Mary Mac's. Are any of those places good?

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          They are all AWESOME. None are within walking distance. Harold's is amazing but in a ROUGH part of town. Silver Skillet is near GA Tech and is open for breakfast and lunch. Mary Mac's is in Midtown and also very good. If you want to add to the list try The Collonade. Bring cash, they don't take plastic.

        2. City Grill is very very good for southern fare, and walking distance, but it is a nice restaurant and not "down home" by anyone's estimation. Harlem Bar, on Edgewood would be a great nearby choice. Pittypats is nearby, but I find the celebration of the glories of the Old South off-putting, to say the least. Also, the food is not very good. If you can drive a bit, Horseradish Grill in nice, though again, a little upscale. Try The Colonnade (an Atlanta institution worth a visit) - go after 8:00 when the "grays" leave and the "gays" show - the menu changes then too. You can't go wrong with South City Kitchen or Watershed either, though both are updated southern. One last note - someone mentioned Son's, which is fine, but you should note that it is only open for lunch. Also, in my opinion Thelma's in Sweet Auburn is better located and has better food. Have fun. Atlanta is a great food city.

          1. Mary Mac's beats the Collonade, hands down. South City Kitchen is nice for an updated twist on some southern classics. Though not southern-inspired, there's a great cheesesteak place right next to the aquarium called Philly Boys.