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Looking for the Best Italian Cold Cut Sub?


I know where the best cold cut sandwich is made. I'm looking for where you think the best Italian Cold Cut Sub/Sandwich is made?

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  1. Tutto Italiano in Wellesley makes a nice one. It's fresh and the ingredients are nice. So if you know the best how come you did not share it with us?

    1. From your profile, it looks like you enjoy the sub at Anthony's in Stoneham. Or don't you like it anymore? I'm confused....

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        You're right, Anthony's is the best place to get an Italian sandwich or sub. Tony or his son Anthony slices their cold cuts right in front of you and I have them put on the works with a little hots. (onions pickles & tomato's lite on the oil with a little hot peppers) The bread is fresh and the sub is the best nothing else matches it.

        Take the time and drive to Stoneham I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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          Yup- love Anthony's- braided rolls, fresh cut cold cuts. The only drawback is their hours.

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            I do enjoy Anthony's Italian very much. Just as good, though, is Corner Deli in Melrose especially because the bread (La Cascia's) is just so darn good.

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              I will have to give the Corner Deli a try. I have only been in there once- to buy cold cuts- but I remember the menu looked good, as did the pizza.

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                I haven't tried the pizza or the prepared foods yet, but I've had delivery a few times (they'll deliver cold cuts as well, which is very convenient!) and they're fast and the sandwiches are good.

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                  Will have to remember next time we get take out. Will have them deliver my cold cuts at the same time!

        2. Panzano's Market in Southborough has an excellent italian cold cut sub.... the 'Veneto': Soppresatta, Mortadella, Speck, Tomato, Pickled Peppers, Provolone, on a fresh baked Ciabatta roll.

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          1. The best Italian sub I've had around here, hands down, was at the Tutto Italiano store on River St. in Hyde Park. They use the best ingredients and great crusty Italian bread. I'm drooling just thinking about having one.

            Tutto Italiano
            1889 River St, Hyde Park, MA 02136

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              Tutto also has a branch on Fleet St in the NE..great sandwiches, also a pretty complete line of Italian foods..fres/frozen pasta..some of their in house made thing..stuffed peppers, etc are very good too.

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                They've got a really good mozzarella and also pizzelle that's made by the owner's friend.

            2. Places I'd recommend:

              Tutto Italiano, J. Pace, Dino's (all Boston's North End)
              Half Shell (Cambridge)
              Bob's (Medford)

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                Big ups for Dino's, but I wasn't all that impressed with the Italian at J. Pace when I finally had one last week. It was...good not great. I liked it okay -- it was just exactly what I'd had in mind, and to be fair, the braided roll was excellent (same bakery that does the braided rolls at Russo's, you think?) -- but this was not a sub I would travel cross-city for.

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                  I opted for the regular sub roll the time I got an Italian sub at J. Pace and came away very impressed. Saw the braided rolls too, and will try them next time.

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                    I think the braided rolls are from Bova Bakery on Salem St.

                2. What's the word on the sandwiches at Purity Cheese on Endicott these days?

                  1. Lindon Store in Wellesley makes a good sub

                    1. The sandwichs at Bottega Fiorentino in Brookline are excellent - great bread.

                      1. The Fruit Basket on the outskirts of Quincy Center, IMHO, make the absolute best Italian Cold Cut Subs, and they are priced at a bargain. Pick the style roll you want and they slice the meats and cheese to order. There's usually a line but it's well worth it. The smallest sandwich can be made on a french roll $3.99; bulky $4.99 and sub roll $5.99. It's a very convient lunch stop for me and I'm there frequently! They also have a large salad bar and hot entree's for the lunch crowd. There's even a few small tables right next to the deli.

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                            Yes! Their hot subs and chicken salad are great too. Just don't go right at lunch time - loooong lines.

                            D'Agostino's Delicatessen
                            11 Waterfield Rd, Winchester, MA 01890

                          2. Sessa's in Davis Sq. You can't get any more Italian than this deli/shop.

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                              My Italian cold-cut sub loyalties lie with Sessa's as well.

                            2. if u r near burlington or Billerica, go to La Cascia's Bakery in Cambridge st cor RT62
                              they have the best Italian sandwich, in 2 flavors, Primo or just regular, go for the primo which has a more substantial meats in them.

                              1. Only two placed that I have found that rivals the original Santoro's.
                                I'll join the cheering section for Anthony's, but my favorite is Vinny's - if the "old man" makes it. No offense to him I just don't know his name but he sure can make a good sammich.

                                1. I have heard great things about the New Deal in Revere. I have a friend that lives near it and raves about their Italian sub and their "Top Shelf" sandwich. Beware though that from what I hear the subs are huge!

                                  New Deal Fruit
                                  920 Broadway, Revere, MA

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                                    While we're on the subject of huge, Dino's subs will easily feed two people of normal appetite. It's the only default sized sub I haven't been able to finish.

                                  2. Angelina's on Broadway, Everett (if they are still there).

                                    1. Also forgot to mention Domenic's in Waltham.

                                      1. can't believe nobody's mentioned Salumeria Italiana! in the North End on Richmond Street... Great sub!

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                                            The sandwiches I've seen at SI are proscuitto, mozzarrella, basil on focaccio. They're made in the morning and sold through the day. They're good..and convenient if you want to buy a bunch of sandwiches..but they're not made to order...variety of meats, condiments like I think most people are talking about here.

                                        1. We had excellent italians last night from Joe Pizza on Salem St. in Medford. Really tasty. The hots weren't relish, but rather strips of peppers. It worked well. Good french sub roll, too.

                                          1. As an Italian sub snob, I'd say it's between Domenic's in Waltham (most incredible sub bread I've ever had) and Tutto Italiano in Wellesley (VERY Italian).

                                            1. I really like the italian sub from Al's on state street. The rolls are fantastic. I can't get enough. I also really like their State street cafe special which is prosciutto(?) mozzarella, basil, tomato's and a great balsalmic.