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Oct 15, 2007 12:41 PM

The Green Dragon

A new pub as opened up at Kingston Rd and Victoria Park which looks kind of cool called "The Green Dragon" Has anyone been in? Is it any good?

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  1. I don't believe it's open yet. I live around the corner and pass it every day. The guy who owns it is one of two brothers who opened Captain Jack's on Queen Street back in the early 90's. They sold it after a successful run of about 10 years but it was never anything more than a beer joint with an inch of water on the bathroom floors at any given time. The two brothers were very affable and charming hosts, however and we frequently visited there before moving out of the Beaches proper.

    I do hope this one will be a success as bars and restaurants seem to come and go in this neighbourhood quaintly known as the 'Upper Beaches'. Some good pub grub would be nice, but as mentioned, their last effort was definitely NOT about the food.

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      It's supposed to open on the 18th

      We did however get a chance to sample their chicken wings on Saturday ( Fallfest was on Saturday and they were serving wings to people walking by).

      One word - outstanding. The best wings I've had in a long time. Most people that I spoked to agreed with me.

    2. Just thought I would see if anyone has been here yet. My husband heard some rave reviews from one of his coworkers but I thought I would open it up to the rest of the 'hounds.


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        My husband and I just went there for dinner. Very impressed with the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. It was the special and came with fries. Standard pub fries, so eh. But the sandwich was delicious. The Dragon Burger was, seriously, giant. 12oz. Definitely worth stopping in.