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Oct 15, 2007 12:21 PM

Engagement Party Location


My fiance and I had a great place all lined up and when they finally gave us the contract this afternoon it was for not what we agreed upon at all - we basically promised the entire space but they booked half of it behind our backs without letting us know....grrr!

Anyways - we need a new spot pronto.

We would like to do a cocktail party with passed appetizers and open bar for 3 hours. The crowd will all be in their mid-late 20s, plus both sets of parents. We want something on the nicer side, but not too fru-fru. Our budget is $65-$70 per head for 40-50 people.

Anyone have any great ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Nicole's at Nicole Farhi
    Definately within budget; great atmosphere and wonderful food.

    1. I cannot put a price on it, but about two years ago I went to a party thrown for one of my in-laws at Metrazur in Grand Central Terminal. Great spot, should fit exactly what you want, fi teh price is right, and I supsect it would be within your range.

      1. I have no idea what prices are like, but you might want to check out Gray Kunz's new spot, Grayz, which he recently opened in a townhouse on 54th St., previously occupied by Aquavit.

        1. My cousin had his engagement party at Franks on the West Side...It was very nice.
          410 W 16th St, New York 10011
          Btwn 9th & 10th Ave

          1. How hot would booking the whole Perry St. be? Go for it! And congrats!

            You like to eats?