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Engagement Party Location

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My fiance and I had a great place all lined up and when they finally gave us the contract this afternoon it was for not what we agreed upon at all - we basically promised the entire space but they booked half of it behind our backs without letting us know....grrr!

Anyways - we need a new spot pronto.

We would like to do a cocktail party with passed appetizers and open bar for 3 hours. The crowd will all be in their mid-late 20s, plus both sets of parents. We want something on the nicer side, but not too fru-fru. Our budget is $65-$70 per head for 40-50 people.

Anyone have any great ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Nicole's at Nicole Farhi
    Definately within budget; great atmosphere and wonderful food.

    1. I cannot put a price on it, but about two years ago I went to a party thrown for one of my in-laws at Metrazur in Grand Central Terminal. Great spot, should fit exactly what you want, fi teh price is right, and I supsect it would be within your range.

      1. I have no idea what prices are like, but you might want to check out Gray Kunz's new spot, Grayz, which he recently opened in a townhouse on 54th St., previously occupied by Aquavit.


        1. My cousin had his engagement party at Franks on the West Side...It was very nice.
          410 W 16th St, New York 10011
          Btwn 9th & 10th Ave

          1. How hot would booking the whole Perry St. be? Go for it! And congrats!

            You like to eats?

            1. We were originally going to have our party at Alta in WV before scrapping and deciding to do it at home. The plan was to rent the top floor which can seat or mingle about 50 - 60 people. All the plates are tapas style and they have this deal called the "whole shebang" where they serve every dish (about 35) on the menu for about $300. Figure you could order 6 of those and have plenty of food and money left over for their really strong Sangria and drinks. Would have been a great party because the atmosphere and food is really original.

              1. We had our engagement party at a place called Jadis on the LES. It worked out great. It is definatley a wine centered place, but they offer a few delicious beers on tap in and the bottle. The wine list is extremely affordable, yet every wine we had seemed to be perfect for what we wanted. Their menu is great. We ordered a few cheese platters and some delicious quiches, puffs, etc. They come out on a rustic board and people are free to eat a little of everything. We reserved the back part of the restaurant which has 3 huge leather couches next to a window. If you have any smokers, there is a backyard (as far as NYC is concerned) where they can step out and "get some fresh air". The owners are friendly and decent and happy to have you. The place had just the right crowd for what we were looking for. For us it was perfect, the only drawback could be the location, its definatley not in a fancy area. I would also say if they have another party it might be too crowded. There was another party there when we were there and it worked out fine, but we had about 30 people.


                Congratulations! Have Fun!