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Inexpensive lunches near 7th Ave and 28th Street

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I recently started working around here. I'm looking for everyday lunch options. Can be sit-down, can be take out, can be street carts. Just a nice variety of good places that aren't super-expensive. Some of the places I've heard good things about are: Milanes for Dominican, Sirtaj for Indian, BRGR for burgers and Koofoo for Korean. So, give me your impressions of these and tell me about the ones I don't know. Thanks.

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  1. BRGR isn't very good.

    F&B is a good lunch option.

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    1. Pars is very tasty Persian food on 26th between 7th and 8th. I really like the eggplant mash on the lunch menu.

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        I totally disagree. BRGR is a great place, my favorite burger place in the city. try their version of onion rings called onion hay. nothing fancy of course.

      2. In close proximity is Garden of Eden and Whole Foods for take-out -- both not to be missed as you exhaust all the neighborhood possibilities.

        1. I get Kobma Thai's lunch special (located on Hudson) about twice a week--for about $9, you get a salad, drink, as well as a killer pad thai. I've tried loads of Pad Thai in town and really think that Kobma whips up one of the most authentic, and most certainly, bang-for-buck!

          I like to eats.

          1. I like Manhattan Heroes on 27th and 7th for rice and beans. the shrimp stew on Fridays is tasty too. Also, Waldy's Pizzeria on 28th and 6th. I like the lamb pizza...mmm.

            1. if your willing to walk to 23rd. Great Burrito has good tacos.

              1. Sirtaj is a hidden jewel - great place.

                BRGR is very good. I usually eat their turkey burgers but my wife likes their hamburgers. Fries are OK, and their milkshakes are VERY good.

                I have had bi bim bap a few times from Koofoo and like it. You might consider walking east to Koreatown. There are lots of posts on this board in that regard. Seafood soon doo boo at Seoul Garden is one of my faves.

                Waldy's is not bad. As eeee points out, the lamb pizza stands out.

                Antique Cafe (26th, just off 6th) is great for coffee, tea and a pastry. Service is too slow for a real lunch though.

                And then there is the ever present chain, Chipotle right next to BRGR, which is really better than you think it will be.

                1. I moved from nyc a couple of years ago, but there was a nice italian resto on 27 th and 8th. nice enough place, but the gem is the sandwich shop around the side of the front entrance....home made sausages, great eggplant, steak sandwiches and other really good stuff..if I can remember the name I will add it later.

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                    I think this is the place you're speaking of...

                    Biricchino Restaurant: http://www.biricchino.com/

                    Salumeria Biellese: http://www.salumeriabiellese.com/

                    Some more here to read ... http://www.amateurgourmet.com/2007/03...

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                      gold star for cheese boy!
                      Don't miss salumeria biellese , guys....inexpensive deliciousness!!

                  2. I work on 23rd and 6th. For basic takeout I like the Chinese on 7th between 23rd and 24th. Whole Foods and Garden of Eden are good for lunch. Pongsrii Thai, 23rd between 6th and 7th is good. Haven't tried BRGR.

                    1. You can always go to the shake shack in Mad Sq Park!

                      1. The cart on 27th and 8th serves very good chicken and lamb with white sauce. It's the best in the area for $5 or so. I would also reccomend the superb Dominican food at Milanes on 25th between 7th and 8th. The Cubans are great as is the stewed chicken. Enjoy!

                        1. Greek Corner on 28th and 7th makes a really good Gyro sandwich that is pretty inexpensive.

                          1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Now, it there a decent place for sushi in the area to either dine-in or take out?

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                              There's a good sushi place on 26th between 6th and 7th. It's not "cheap," but it won't break the bank.

                            2. Based on your original post I just tried Sirtaj. I would highly recommnend it (albeit based on only one takeout lunch). The food was fresh and delicious. I can't wait to go back next week (always the problem when you try a new place on Friday - no more work lunches till Monday).

                              1. I look forward to my lunch breaks because of these two places: Home on 8th and Woorijip.

                                Home on 8th is a really good Chinese/vegetarian restaurant on 8th ave between 29th and 30th. The food here tastes fresh and not too greasy. Their vegetarian dishes are excellent and satisfying even for a non-vegetarian like myself. The interior is cute too- it's not like any other typical chinese restaurant.

                                Woorijip is a korean takeout/quick-eat-in place on 32nd street between 5th and Broadway and has great variety of delicious food/snacks for very cheap. They also have seasonal deserts, like "ho-dduck" (flat chewy pancake with melted brown sugar and pine nuts...yummy) during the colder months.

                                1. Blue Dog Cafe, on 25th between 6th and 7th (closer to 6th, on the north side of the street) has excellent sandwiches, cookies, and pastries.