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Oct 15, 2007 12:03 PM

Who sells Chocolate or Caramel covered apples?

I am looking for chocolate, candy coated or caramel covered apples in Manhattan. I live in Midtown, but I am willing to go anywhere in Manhattan to buy. I want to purchase about 30 or so as a party favor. Do you know who sells apples?

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  1. Sorry, don't know any in Manhattan, but if you are desperate, and willing to travel to Corona, Queens, you can try the Lemon Ice King of Corona. Not sure if they still do them, but they did have several kinds a few years ago.

    52-02 108th St. (52nd & Corona Aves.) Corona, NY 11368, 718-699-5133

    You might want to call first and see if they still have them.

    1. Bouchon Bakery. Or Baked in Red Hook. Maybe Union Square Farmer's Market?

      For Bouchon or Baked, I'd call to see if they can do the quantity you want.

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