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Oct 15, 2007 12:00 PM

european pastries in hollywood area?

are there any good pastry places in hollywood/silverlake/los feliz?

it seems that my neighborhood is lacking a place like susina, breadbar, or le pain quotidienne. i'm looking for specialty breads, viennoiserie, and cakes. NOT cupcakes or panos' or red ribbon bake shop, but french technique and quality ingredients. coffee places that order pastries don't count. any ideas?

i'm also thinking about opening up my own shop and trying to gauge if the neighborhood really needs this type of place so all feedback is welcome!!

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  1. Can you just concentrate on good bread? That's what we really need! There's Figaro on Vermont and La Conversation on Hillhurst for croissants, etc., but neither one really has a full selection. Since most places in Silver Lake have to order from Breadbar, there's definitely a need for this!

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      Great Bread & great Italian pastries & danish, not LA Danish, New York old school danish. At Gourmet Garage in NYC you can get great danish, better than La Brea Bakery at 1/2 the cost. That is what we need in Los Feliz & Silver Lake, none of these apricot glazed danish, crispy/soft danish!

      1. re: Burger Boy

        I've never been to the East Coast - what's different between a danish over there and a danish purchased here?

        1. re: MareZeeDotes

          They just had more quality, better flavor, like LaBrea Bakery when Nancy owned it in the beginning. But the Danish where bigger and cheaper and better than LaBrea. Here the dough is not always crispy, and they tend to coat danish with a glaze her. Try the Croissants and Danish at Los Feliz Cafe in the old La Conversation space on Hillhurst, Great Almond Croissant, Spinach & Cheese and all the flavors. They make them big, one is enough for 2. I hope La Conversation in West Hollywood is still making their craoissants the same way!

      2. re: Chowpatty

        i'm still learning about bread but desserts and pastries are my passion. i'd love to have an all-dessert, sit-down restaurant that does serious dessert tastings and sells pastries, cookies, confections and chocolates. LA doesn't have anything like sugar or other high-end places in chicago and NYC that only do sweets. and it's nearly impossible with LA rent to run a bread-only place - the return just isn't high enough considering all the labor. even la brea had to start selling pastries.

        1. re: tastycakes

          LA's dining scene has been ramping up hard. If a high end dessert place opened up it would be an instant success becasue LA lacks great dessert.

          Have you tried Boule Aletier in West Hollywood?

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              i haven't tried boule since the opening of the original, but i understand that my favorite items - the viennoiserie - are not being made anymore. =(

              1. re: tastycakes

                I agree with you that the viennoiserie were the best thing Boule ever produced, and it boggles the mind why they ever stopped producing it. However, I've been told that they're going to bring the viennoiseries back when Boule Atelier opens. (Not only that, but the party picture shows photos of Mariage Frères tea will be returning, too - another thing I have requested they bring back.) So is Boule Atelier actually open yet?

        2. re: Chowpatty

          La Conversation has been closed for about 10 years ... maybe more. It was terrific.

          1. re: SilverlakeGirl

            Whoops, sorry -- I tasted croissants at the recent Taste of Los Feliz from Figaro and somewhere else -- maybe it was Cafe Los Feliz -- the almond ones were good. And to the poster above, I think Boule Atelier is back to doing the viennoiserie -- we tasted several at the opening party but they were a bit overcooked.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              Le Conversation sold to the employees, I believe, still the same great buttery, flavorful, big croissants. I love their croissants, so good, i usually eat 2, so that is why I never go, i have no self control when I am there. Yes it is called Cafe Los Feliz, same location as Le Conversation.

        3. If I were in your shoes, I'd just drive over the hills and check out Natas, the portugese bakery in Sherman Oaks. Unbelievable.

          1. lift just opened at 6533 hollywood blvd. They might have good euro pastries.