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Oct 15, 2007 11:56 AM

Cheeb - NO!

Scene: Saturday night, on the way to a movie, about 5:30. It's early, so we think that an early light dinner would be appropriate, and Cheebo on Sunset Blvd. is on the way. We've eaten there before, like the food, so, why not stop?

Outcome: Restaurant is pretty empty, but we wait FOREVER for our food. Other tables get waited on and get attention - we're stranded with a waitress who smiles at us politely as she ignores us. Water? - No. Check? - No.

What is this? SO and I are in our 50's -- does this mean we're not cool enough for the room? Did the waitress have a vendetta? Did we commit some esoteric sin that we couldn't have been aware of? Will we go back -- NO.

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  1. Come on, one more chance. Yes, the service is a little laid back, but I just love this restaurant. A glass of wine, a pepperoni pizza, and gingerbread cookies for dessert. I'm one happy camper. Try sitting up front near the bar - easier to flag down servers.

    1. Had a similar experience there myself four or five years ago, and it didn't occur to me until your post that my gf and I are also fifty-somethings. But we've been to a lot hipper places than this without the ADD service and spacy 'tude.