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Oct 15, 2007 11:53 AM

Best of Chelsea?

I just started working in the area and it seems to be packed with tons of places. Does anyone have any favorites in this neighborhood. I open to any and all suggestions. Looking to maybe grab a small bite tonight that would be quick.

Thanks, Chris

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  1. Markt, 21st and 6th; great Belgian fare & brews

    1. Le Zie is an old favorite, corner of 20th St. at Seventh.

      1. Mare and Belle Vie on 8th --

        1. I recommend Gascogne on 8th Ave and 18th Street. It feels really rustic inside. Also, 1/2 the menu is presented on a chalk board full of nightly specials, so don't think what you see on menupages is the whole menu.

          1. R.U.B.....Righteous Urban Barbeque
            on 23rd Street