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Oct 15, 2007 11:35 AM

Wedding Cakes

OK, neither my fiance nor I really like cake, so I don't have any bakery preference for my wedding cake. I'm also not into the huge sugar flower covered fondant extravaganzas of Sylvia Weinstock or Ron Ben Israel.

Sooo, where can I find a cake for 180 guests (don't ask) that tastes great and won't cost a fortune?

Help me out!

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    Try here...She's fantastic...Not sure about prices, but works of art.
    Cake Diva in Hoboken (201-216-0123;

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    1. re: kcijones001

      I'm more focused on taste than appearance. I'm actually just planning on having a plain looking cake and decorating with fresh flowers.

    2. Chinatown Bakeries. Honestly, I prefer the soft cakes in chinatown than the american butter cakes when tends to be too rich. And the frosting isnt a stick of butter softened either- unless that is what you want. Plus the cost is SIGNIFICANTLY lower. Tell them to frost it plain white and find a source for organic flowers and place it yourself. Im not sure if they do the "stacked" design.

      Manna House Bakery: Grand street Between Elizabeth and Mott (they have several locations). They have good pricing in comparison to the more elaborate designs of Fay Da and TaiPan but they all taste the same.

      1. I just went through this myself though my wedding was much smaller. I really liked Margaret Palca in brooklyn, very affordable (she was charging me less than $3 a slice i think, for about 65 people), but ultimately went for non-wedding cakes at Black Hound. More expensive but really good cake, especially the chocolate gianduja, but they won't do tiers (margaret palca will).

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          Oh that sounds great...does she have a website? I can't seem to find it. Also, kind of random, but how does one choose? Do you get to do tastings at a whole bunch of places and then pick? Or do you just go by what the portfolio looks like?

          1. re: caphill2320

            I don't think she has a website but you can call and ask. Her name is Margaret Palca Bakes number is 718-858-2429 and they have one location in red hook and a new location on court street (210 Court St., at Warren St.). Wedding cake places will generally give you free tastings (margaret will) and they often have books with pictures, but if you come in with an image of what you want so much the better. Because Black Hound (which does have a website) doesn' do wedding cakes we just paid for very small $7 cakes and ate them. Some people do tastings at a whole bunch of places.

        2. Has anyone had a Cheryl Kleinman, Gail Watson or a Sarabeth's wedding cake?