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Oct 15, 2007 11:28 AM

Favourite Asian style Claypot dishes

Does anyone have any recommendations of excellent claypot dishes in the boston area? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, it's not Asian, but Cafe Polonia (Near Andrew T Stop) does a wonderful goulash baked in a clay pot. The bread shell is baked on top of the pot and torn off to use as a bowl. The goulash is quite similar to the beef stew I grew up with.

    1. Lucky House Seafood, Taiwan Cafe, MuLan all have interesting claypots.

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        Ditto on the Lucky House Seafood and Taiwan Cafe for good claypot dishes. You can even get frog at Lucky House, but I think Taiwan Cafe has better claypot. Start with seafood or meatball claypots, then later you could try fermented tofu which is acquired taste.

      2. The claypot rice dishes at HK Eatery are pretty good.

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          Do you have any specific recommended dishes? I usually have a tough time selecting from the menu.

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            The claypot rice with eggplant and ground pork is a standby for me. The other usual version I get the one with the different types of Chinese sausages.

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            A lot of times claypot rice dishes take awhile to cook because they have to cook the rice from its raw state. Does it take a long time here? My family used to go to a restaurant specializing in claypot rice dishes in LA and we would call ahead so that it was ready when we got there.

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                Went there last night and got the Smoked Pork and Chinese Sausage claypot rice. Was decent, but I've had better. The rice at the bottom was slightly burned, and I like the sauce thicker and sweeter. I like a longer grain of rice.

                The black bean spareribs claypot rice I saw another table had seemed too saucy. My impression is that claypot rices usually don't have a thick gloppy sauce to really let the simple ingredients shine through and their flavors permeate the rice.

                Still, I thought overall it was decent and I will be back. I thought the roast pork we ordered was quite good, with crispy skin and most of the fat rendered.

                1. re: chezchristine

                  What I tend to do (which may not be typical or traditional) is that I start stirring the rice up when it gets to the table, then wait a bit for it to crisp up, then stir it up again, to crisp up more rice. That prevents burning and distributes the crispy rice, which I like. Some places would also provide a little of of a thin soy based sauce to mix into the rice, especially for the ones with Chinese sausage but I don't think HK Eatery does that.

          3. I love Vietnamese catfish in claypot, but I don't know who does a decent version in town. Does anyone have any experience with this dish in Boston?