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Oct 15, 2007 11:23 AM

Northampton / Amherst Coffee

Thanks to some posts on this board, I culled some good recommendations and warnings about places to eat in Massachusetts and Vermont for a trip I made this past weekend. One of the best spots was at the Northampton Coffee shop, on Pleasant Street. A lovely, sunny room with George Nelson lamps, a communal table, and a counter for looking out at the street. Terrific, strong coffee and espresso, the latter carefully prepared on a powerhouse machine. Lots of thoughtful details, like the well-designed water tap with glasses at the ready. Stopped at the Amherst branch too, which is larger, with a few snacks and wine available---this must be one of the most popular places there. Thanks for steering me there!

Also visited the Peter Havens restaurant in Brattleboro, Vermont. A good wine list and a warm welcome but whew, the meal prices were NYC-high for straightforward, somewhat bland fare. Had a better experience at the Wine Gallery near the movie theater---kind, attentive staff and reasonably priced flights and snacks. (Far better than Metropolis, that's for sure!)

I wanted to hit the Farmers' Diner in Quechee but it closed at 3 --- will check the boards here for feedback. Any recent meals?

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