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Oct 15, 2007 11:23 AM

Please help review this menu!

The saga of my wedding planning continues. Hopefully someone is enjoying reading about all this food, since it really is the high point of the entire affair! We had our food tasting this weekend and have narrowed down our options. Being a fickle person, I wanted to see what everyone thinks. See photos here:

If budget allows, our menu will run as follows. Bear in mind that this will be January in Los Angeles. So it will be cool, or even cold, but it is usually pleasant enough that the menu doesn't have to be 100% "wintery."

COCKTAIL HOUR (open bar with wine selections of a classic Californa style cabernet sauvignon, zippy/light/fragrant gruner veltliner, and fruity/quaffable prosecco
)-shrimp cocktail
-peppered beef with bell peppers
-artichoke puffs
-prosciutto and figs OR oysters on the halfshell (subject to availability of figs or oysters)

DINNER (everyone will receive the same four course meal, with the option to substitute one course with vegetables. We don't have any vegetarian requests, but we do know people who don't eat one particular item. We chose this route because 90% of our guests love to eat EVERYTHING, and we didn't want to punish them because of a handful of finnicky eaters. Let them eat veggies!).

-woodland mushrooms on a phyllo crisp, with port reduction sauce
-lobster bisque
-miso cod (very lightly miso flavored, you can barely tell that it's "Asian" so it doesn't clash) with Tatsoi (sometimes called spinach mustard)
-Colorado rack of lamb (with roast asparagus)

I realize the progression doesn't lend itself to the usual white-then-red pairing, so both prosecco and red will be poured and people can enjoy what pairings they like.

-a cake and a table of assorted sweets

What do you think? Would you enjoy such a meal, or is the progression disjointed? Bear in mind most people aren't foodies and won't be judging us on the order. But we also don't want people to have some kind of unsettled feeling that their meal didn't flow well. It certainly isn't a classic menu progression, but is it downright bad?

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  1. This menu looks great and it sounds like it will be better than any meal I've ever had at a wedding. Congratulations on your special day.

    1. I think it depends on your guests. I am a meeting planner and I wouldn't serve flavors this strong for any group dinner. I tend to have at least one entree that is a "safe" choice for the picky eaters. e.g.:

      A *lot* of people don't like lobster bisque and some have allergies to shellfish that will make them steer clear; can you have a 2nd soup? If not, I would pick a more generic soup that everyone likes, such as Italian wedding soup or even mushroom barley or veg soup or something.

      Even those who like cod may not like miso, soy/miso flavoring is an aquired taste and seems a strange way to prepare cod. Could you just do baked cod with a crumb type topping?

      Lamb can be very gamey, especially if it's bought and prepared en masse as it will not be the A #1 top quality lamb available, so it could be a little old which will make it more gamey. I would go for regular beef instead of lamb; tournados or filet.

      This is why so many people go the chicken-beef route for their menus. If you deviate too much from that, you risk having a lot of people with nothing to eat. I think this is too risky a menu for a wedding. The apps/cocktail hour sounds good though!

      Just my 2 cents, hope that helps.

      1. I think it all sounds really delicious - anyone would be silly to skip any of these courses! Without knowing what your caterer is good at, or having tasted these myself, I would say just pick what sounds good and have fun with it. You're not offering anything bizarre.. but it does all look heavy, except for the cod. but again, I would love to be served all these courses.

        1. I have a couple of friends with severe shellfish allergies -- it's not terribly uncommon. I know many people who will not touch lamb. I would love to be offered this meal, but I suggest re-thinking this menu. It's possible to go the beef/chicken route without being boring: a killer sauce for each (served on the side, of course) would be an avenue to explore.

          1. Sounds wonderful! However, from my own wedding experience, we had oysters on the half-shell which went basically untouched. I would go with the prosciutto and figs -- think it's much more guest-friendly.

            Just looked at your website. Crabcakes are really popular at parties. I think it would lighten your menu a bit. And one thing I'd like to point out (which I sadly learned through my wedding) is that try to pick foods that hold up well. We had the most delicious halibut at the tasting, only to have it be overcooked at the wedding. And the filet mignon (which is a pretty dry piece of meat anyway) got dryer as it sat around the kitchen before we were served.