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Oct 15, 2007 11:10 AM

Suggestions for dinner 12-15 men near Quarter

Hi there, long time lurker and NOLA visitor, first time poster...

I'm part of a group of guys coming in for this weekend and we're always a bit disorganized but we'll probably have a group of 12 to 15 for dinner Saturday night, probably 6 PMish.

I'm looking for hearty real food, good "value" i.e. quality and quantity are reasonable given what is being paid, and an atmosphere that can absorb a large party of men without missing a beat...

Relatively casual is a plus. Near the Quarter i.e. safe walking distance is a big plus. Possibility of getting seated without a reservation also a plus. Full bar a plus.

We're totally happy to break up into smaller tables, FWIW.

For perspective, a couple of years ago we went to NOLA and folks really enjoyed it.

If you've got a place that sounds perfect, but would require a cab or a reservation, please feel free to toss it out there, and I'll consider it... Thanks in advance!

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    1. Coops sounds like the place for you. Definetly hearty and a good value.

      1. Deanie's Seafood on Iberville Street is in the Quarter, and it's big enough for large parties with good prices. It's casual too, so there's no need to worry about that! Here's the website so you can check out the menu:

        The half seafood platter is for 2 people, and by two people I mean two grown men have trouble finishing it! (The giant seafood platter is for 4)

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        1. re: creolequeen

          I've seen a couple each order the giant seafood platter and just about finished them both...that was a shocker.

          1. re: malenky

            Cafe Giovanni or Crescent City Steakhouse out of the Quarter.

        2. My short list (in no particular order) for the relatively large informal group Saturday night is Cochon, Coop's Place, Deanie's Seafood, Mr. B's Bistro, and Herbsaint.

          Also thinking of taking a smaller group of four or so on Thursday to Stella, August or perhaps Bayona.

          I'm having trouble cutting down either list... Any safety issues walking from Toulouse & Dauphine to any of these locations in evening hours? (Dark, but not late night.)

          Anyone care to wade in with an opinion?

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          1. re: rramstad

            I'd choose August over Stella. As far as safety goes, as long as you dont cross South Rampart going away from the quarter you'll be just fine.

            1. re: malenky

              Looks like Stella is closed anyway...


              Seems like August has a full bar, and Bayona does not, from what I can glean online... That may be the kicker!

          2. I decided to check out Coop's Place last night by myself to see what I thought. I was super impressed! Great food, not fussy, and the kicker of an excellent short scotch list was a welcome surprise. I'm going to have to haul all the guys out there Saturday night.

            Random aside, I walked by Deanie's and it looked OK but I was slightly turned off by the lack of a menu in the window. (I know, I can see it online, but still, posting one outside is a nice gesture.) I ended up talking with a couple of folks who were outside for a smoke and they indicated they weren't all that impressed with the food. Then again, who knows what they have for expectations, or what they ordered? That said, the combination of the feedback on the ground from those folks and the overall "too clean, too glossy" kind of ambiance plus the lack of an up to date menu made me plan to miss it...

            Coop's Place
            1109 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116