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Oct 15, 2007 11:08 AM

Toku Modern Asian, Americana Manhasset

Anyone been yet? Seems good.

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  1. Have not been yet, but has gotten rave reviews from Newsday and NY Times.

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      BUMP...know a couple people that went and loved it. Any updates?

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        i was there 2 weeks ago. They suggest sharing plates, so the 4 of us split 4 appetizers, 2 entrees, 1 noodle dish, and some sushi. The best thing by far was the black miso cod. It was fantastic, i know this dish is very popular at other places like i think Nobu, but i've never had it before and can't compare it to anything else, but it was awesome, wish i didnt have to share it. I also had an order of Sea Urchin as one of the pieces of Sushi I had. I've been wanting to try that for the first time as well, it was very tasty. Everything else was delicious too, but those were the standouts in my opinion.

    2. I finally got a chance to try Toku yesterday for dinner. WOW! It's amazing. Service was impeccable. I told our waiter that we had never been to the restaurant before, he took the time to go through every item on the list and tell me his honest opinion on them (he had no hesitation to tell me that something wasn't good and I wouldn't enjoy it). I took his recommendations and he was SPOT ON!

      For appetizers we tried the Kobe Riverstone BBQ. They basically give you a plate of Kobe beef carpaccio, next to it, you are given a mini stove with a fire and a hot stone. you place the kobe on the stone to your desired temperature. It was melt in your mouth amazing beef. Also, the Berkshire pork gyoza were plump, juicy, and outstanding. The Crispy Rice were okay, but paled in comparison to the other two.

      For entrees, my date got the Short Ribs Pad Thai while I got the Crispy Hoisin Duck. Outstanding. Every bite imparted fresh herbs and spices. The duck had this elusive aroma that my girlfriend and I identified and toasted marshmallows later in the night (not a bad thing, at all). We also shared the Shrimp XO Rice Pilaf with pineapple foam, all were amazing.

      For dessert, my girlfriend got the Fuji Tatin, which was thinly sliced fuji apples with a calvados brandy reduction sauce; thin and fresh. While I got the crispy banana wontons with lychee sorbet. Excellent contrasts in flavors, textures, colors, etc.

      We also enjoyed a nice pot of tea, which Toku has a large selection for dessert. Very herbaceous.

      I LOVED my Toku experience, and will be back very very very soon.

      1. Can someone tell me what the price range is for lunch and dinner apps/entrees? I've looked up the menu on their website but it doesn't have any prices (hate that!). Thanks!

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          Sorry and nevermind.. Found it and I think I might try it soon!

        2. Toku was amazing. I was with a large party who are friends with the owner, so we sampled so many different dishes. The martinis were delicious (especially the mango). The fried rice was great and so were the short ribs. I think we had a rock shrimp dish which was also excellent. I can't wait to go back!

          1. I've been to Toku 5+ times, and I'm always satisfied. My first experience was the best, however. The service was excellent-- the waiter was extremely knowledgeable and polite. We tried a lot of appetizers, a few entrees and some other things. You MUST try the spicy tun and wonton chips-- spicy tuna here is AMAZING. ALso, kobe beef bbq, seared tuna salad, gyoza, and chicken lettuce wraps. The sushi is alright, I like yamaguchi's sushi better, but Toku's is my second favorite. Their rolls are very big! Last time I went there I also tried the hot and sour soup... but wasn't a fan because it tasted very fishy for some reason. However, my parents and my friend loved it.