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Oct 15, 2007 10:50 AM

Quiche to-go in Studio City, Universal City

I am organizing a breakfast for an office meeting and am looking for something a little nicer and different than the usual bagels, pastries, etc. 10-15 people, delivery not necessary, but a plus.

I'm thinking of possibly getting a few different quiches...Does anyone have any suggestions where I could get yummy quiche?

Other suggestions are definitely welcome! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Chez Nous on Riverside just East of Cahuenga. They have pastries that are good and I believe they may have quiches. Also, La Pain Quotidien on Ventura just West of Coldwater. There is also a small bakery called Big Sugar on Ventura just West of Laurel Canyon on the South side of the street. There is also always Porto's in Burbank / Toluca Lake - on the corner of Magnolia and Hollywood Way.

      1. Belwood Bakery

        Le Pain Quotidien

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          I really like Belwood on Ventura in Studio City but they only make two different types. One is veggie and the other has either bacon or ham I believe.

        2. Thank you for all the recomendations! I tried calling Belwood Bakery two times and both times I was told to call back in an a pretty rude way. So they lost my business this time around.

          I am going with Le Pain Quotidien. I talked to Oscar and he was very friendly and very helpful with my order.

          I think next month (this is for a monthly meeting) I will try Porto's. Thanks again!!!

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            That's so unlike Belwood... I totally understand your not wanting to give them business, but I'd give them a second chance... Their products are quite tasty.

            1. re: Emme

              I dunno, I like thier food, but the last few times I've gone to the one in Studio city, thye have been absolutely out of the bread or pastry I've wanted.

              Hint to Belwood: If it runs out so fast, BAKE MORE OF IT, PLEASE! Chances are, it'll sell!

          2. La Fritte has decent Quiche Lorraine. Two locations ~ Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills.