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Oct 15, 2007 10:38 AM


Has anyone been to Magnolias in Inman Square recently? Is their Jambalaya good? Any recommendations? Thank you!

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  1. Magnolias is not earth shattering, but it's pretty good. Everything is a little too cooked and a little too dry for me, but they carry some great Southern beers and comfort food. I actually quite like their Jambalaya. They fry well, but their shoe string sweet potatoes are tasteless.

    1. Good desserts. Pecan and key lime pies. Mmm.

      1. I've eaten in Magnolia's since it opened more than 20 years ago (which dates back to when it opened as Cajun Yankee, but it continues with the same chef/owner today) and I"ve never had a less than enjoyable meal there. And I have had numerous great meals -- a baked oysters w/bacon and rosemary casserole (one of their frequent monthly theme specials) I had a couple of years ago stands out in my mind. It's a fun place for just-ambitious-enough Southern-leaning-toward-New Orleans food at a reasonable price. Now if only they had a full liquor license it would be perfect (but the beer and wine selection is adequate).

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          I totally agree with katzzz. Magnolia's (aka The Cajun Yankee) was one of my favorite restaurants growing up outside of Boston. I've been eating there since I was a kid and I've always had great meals there. My parents return a couple times a year.

          My big memory was their popcorn shrimp, catfish dishes and gumbo. It's been awhile since I've been back so I don't know if the quality has changed but in terms of cajun food in Boston this place is great.

          I always thought it's a cute little date spot too.

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            It's been a couple years since I went to Magnolia's, but I was very impressed with their food at the time.