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Oct 15, 2007 10:35 AM

Heresy in Paris

Help! I am taking my 86yr old father and his ladyfriend for a lovely lunch in paris next month - and like many Brits they can't stomach meat that has any hint of pink about it. They are not foodies but love french food like gratin daupenois and tarte tartin (basically things that are not too different from the tings they are used to in the UK)
Can anyone recommend a place where they can ask for their meat exactly how they want it (ie grossly overcooked by french standards) without staff being too snooty, with great food, a lovely setting...happy to spend up to $500 for four people.
(PS i do recognise the irony of asking for english-type food in paris, but the treat is for them -not me.)

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  1. I would recommend lunch menus at Rostang or les Elysees (see reviews on my blog resp and Just ask for your meat "bien cuit" and it will not be a problem. Can't think of many starred places where it would be. Les Elysees probably more in your budget -- depends on your wine choices.