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Oct 15, 2007 10:25 AM

Looking for a good chinese restaurant

Ever since the Golden Gate Noodle House on Allegheny Ave in Towson closed last year, I have been looking for a good replacement and have yet to find one. My husband is a Hong Kong native and we both love authentic cantonese food. So far we've tried Chinatown Cafe on Park Ave and Oriental Manor in Ellicott City, but neither of them have very good wonton noodle. Does anyone have any recommendations for places near Roland Park or even in the suburbs of Baltimore County? We go out to Hunt Valley/Timonium quite a bit.

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  1. In Timonium there's Szechuan House on York Road near the intersection of Seminary Road. It's in an office park type shopping center. My officemates frequent this place for special lunches. I'm not sure about the authenticity, but the food is tasty so that's worth a shot.

    1. Thanks! I actually just got a menu from them in the mail yesterday and it looks interesting- we'll definitely try it out. Do you have any recommendations of what to try?

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        If you order from what's called the "countryside taste," part of the menu, it's a bit more authentic. They often have snow pea shoots, and I've found them consistently excellent. Most of the menu, though, is Chinese-American, but really good Chinese-American!

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          Ditto on the snow pea tips. Try the shrimp with ginger and scalllions from the Countryside Taste menu. The aromatic squid (lightly battered, fried and tender) was very good served with slivers of scallions like you get with Peking duck. I love the oyster with ginger soup (many slivers of fresh ginger).

          Schechuan House is the only place I've encountered with lagniappe for those who bring their own wine-- they bring you a bowl of pistachios but only when you have wine!

          I have enjoyed seeing the waitresses gathered around a large front table after the lunch rush prepping fresh vegetables.

          I would love to hear back reports from those more versed in Chinese foods about what their favorites are.

      2. Sonny Lee's Hunan Taste in Reiterstown.....very consistant

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          Has anyone ever tried Benny Der's Golden Dragon on Liberty Road?

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            ha! ha! We used to eat there all the time as kids. It's very 1960s American-Chinese, and really filthy. But, a few times a year, I need my chicken chow mein and wonton soup comfort food so badly that I get carry out.

            It's one great big grease pit.....but, if 1960s American-Chinese is your passion, it would be hard to beat!

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                What about in the city? I live in Locust Point- anything worthwhile that might deliver? The 3 places I've ordered from are awful- Sun Hing, Hunan Empire and Taste Chinese.

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                  Ding How in Fells Point isn't too bad, but I don't know if they deliver as far as Locust Point.

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                    I know a bunch of people who swear by Szechuan Restaurant (aka Kirby's) on Charles St. in Fed Hill. I'm not really a fan, but it might be worth checking out. They do deliver.

                2. re: baltoellen

                  Ooooh, good to know. I don't think that would be so good for my Cantonese hubby! :) I am excited to try Szechuan House though for more authentic stuff. When we're in the mood for American-Chinese, we tend to do No. 1 Chinese Kitchen in Hampden, since it's close.

            1. I am a Hong Kong native, and I used to live in Baltimore county for over 10 years. Unfortunately, there wasn't, and still isn't any good authentic chinese restaurant in Baltimore county after Golden Gate Noodle closed down. In Howard county, there is an acceptable chinese restaurant in Ellicott City on Rt 40, but I forgot the English name of it. There is also one across from Columbia Mall where the lake is, called Hong Kong something. They are not bad either. But as far as wonton noodle soup, in my opinion, Paul Kee in Wheaton is still the best.

              Hope this helps =)

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                Do you think it might have been Oriental Manor near Rt. 40 and 29 where the KMart, Giant and Home Depot is? Someone reported they might be closed. And the one on te lake is Jesse Wong's Hong Kong.

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                  Yes thats the one in Ellicott City. and the one at the lake is Jesse Wong's Hong Kong. =)

                2. re: MauMau

                  I'm surprised there's not more mention of Chinatown Cafe's "Authentic Hong Kong Menu." They print two versions - Chinese and English, and it is defintely worth requesting (ignore the raised eyebrows and look for the small, 12 page xeroxed menu). It includes such things a "Homeland's Specialty" (two different recipes, one with lotus root, conch, cuttlefish/ fah ji, sea cucumber and celery, another that includes dried squid and anchovies); steamed frogs in lotus leaves, steamed eel in black bean sauce, snow pea leaves in salted duck egg and preserved duck egg soup, and dozens of other delicacies. XO sauce is featured in several dishes, as are pickled mustard greens. Prices range from about $9 to $15 for entrees, and upwards for conch and abalone.

                  They also have the standard menu, and a dim sum menu. A recent foray through the dim sum menu revealed standard fare, but passable. The tripe seemed like a popular item going to other tables.

                  Chinatown Cafe is at 323 Park Ave. in downtown Baltimore. One of their menus says they deliver, but based on the language difficulties I've encountered, I would use caution.

                  A group of 21 chowhounds went there for a Chinese New Year's feast in 2005 and I'm glad it's still there. Photos here:

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                    Something bad happened to Chinatown Cafe maybe a year and a half ago, and it's just not worth going to. I keep wanting to go back, but the last two experiences there were not good.

                    1. re: baltoellen

                      I had a chance to try Szechuan House last weekend and they were nice enough to deliver to us all the way in Roland Park! The food was pretty darn good, I especially liked the "aromatic squid". Thanks for the recommendation! :)

                      1. re: kcnkate

                        Thanks for reporting back, and now if they would just deliver to SE Baltimore, I'd be all set!

                        1. re: kcnkate

                          They delivered to Roland Park?? I wonder if they would deliver to Hampden...

                          1. re: hon

                            They sure did! It can't hurt to ask...I bet they might deliver to you in Hampden too, since that's just right up the road from me.

                            By the way, that's a shame about Oriental Manor closing down! I really liked their turnip/radish cake and their egg tarts. :(

                      2. re: crackers

                        Chinatown Cafe had turned really mediocre the last time I ate there, and on more recent visits they seemed to have closed down completely.

                        1. re: matt8313

                          Oh, I passed Chinatown Cafe sometime last week. The sign in the window definitely said "open," but I don't know if I'm brave enough to go back! Although, if I'm back in the area, I may just have to take one for the team! ;-D