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Oct 15, 2007 10:03 AM

Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO Dining Conundrum

Hafta say that I still find the options fairly middling.

Thank goodness for the cocktails at Jack the Horse Tavern, but the food menu needs a bit more variety and/or a few lower priced options beyond the burger and pizzetta. How about an upscale sandwich special a couple times a week for those of us who can't afford to fork over $20 for an entree on a regular basis?

Also, I've been terribly disappointed with the food at Five Front over the last few months. Used to dine there regularly, but lately their burgers aren't even up to their usual standard. Did see their old chef Elia yesterday at brunch and ended up with a perfectly made lamb sandwich, but still unsure if I should attempt dinner again.

That said, speaking of brunch - What the heck happened to Five Front's yummy brunch breads? They are still on the menu, but they haven't been available for months.

Waterfront Ale House is still going strong - and prolly has one of the best, most consistently solid kitchens in the area. Superfine is OK too.

But what else is out in the 'hood that's worthy of my moolah and palate? Any suggestions?

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  1. ive only discovered noodle pudding this past summer and cant believe ive waited this long.

    i havent been to oven on henry but i heard good things.

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      Yeah - Forgot to mention Noodle Pudding. Food is great, but the wait for a table is often ridiculous and the noise level is near-deafening. Still, their food is darn good,

    2. Lived here for 17 years. Same issue. However, Noodle Puddling is excellent. Henry's End can be excellent too, depending on menu items which change. It is now game season, so go. Grimadli's is a disaster and a ghost of its former glory. Tendo is ok delivery, not great, but edible. Woe is I.

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      1. re: NYJewboy

        I always go to Henry's End hoping for a good meal but in three visits over four years my entire table's food has been either OK, or, at worst, poor. And it's pricey. And I've found that they often don't have all of the items on the menu. Do you know of some trick? Any item you recommend? If there's a good bet I'll try once more. Also, I would like to add a review of a vegetarian item to , but I don't recall them including many vegetarian offerings. Something there that you like?

        1. re: Whorebivore

          Oh yes Whorebivore, I do favor some things at Henry's End and others are not good choices in my opinion. There is a wide range in portion and quality, and I have found out the hard way that certain dishes will be consistently amazing every time. Here is what I like there:

          -Steak Diane
          -Herb crusted Elk chops (seasonal)
          -Buffalo Rib Eye
          -Chicken with goat cheese and fig jam
          -Pan roasted vegetables with goat cheese
          -Wild mushroom salad
          -Duck with lingonberry sauce

          I think that the pasta dishes are not so great, and the milder sauces usually fall flat, with the exception of the wine sauces which are great. The owner is a really great guy, and will respond very well to any 'issues'.

          1. re: NYJewboy

            As one of the board's resident Henry's End experts (we eat there pretty often), I'd add some things to the above listing (which is right on the money). The fried chicken is excellent (beware: cinnamon, cumin and even some clove show up in the batter... much better than that sounds). The turtle soup is verrrry good. I love the duck with honey and ginger. The ribs are great as an appetizer. For dessert, the apple cobbler w/vanilla ice cream (ask for it that way) is excellent. The wine list is excellent.

            If you're looking for serious recommendations, DONT ask Bonnie (the most friendly, Cheers-like waitress)... she likes everything. Ask the owner, Mark, and let him know what you generally eat and drink... he's honest and open, but only there Weds and weekends. When he's not there, ask Albert for his opinion.

            1. re: Steve R

              Thank you both. You've given me reason to head down Henry once more and enter that red facade.

      2. Le Petit Marche is quite good.

        Le Petit Marche
        46 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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        1. re: sad_otter

          I just read about Hecho in Dumbo -- Has anyone tried it? It's supposed to be good Mexican bar food...
          Of course I'm a fan of Noodle Pudding. I also like Fatoush for delivery.

          1. re: bread for breakfast

            Hecho en Dumbo has a very small menu, a few items like chips+guac, then there's 4 or so plates that come with 3 items (one with chicken, one with beef, one with vegetables if I recall). They're all tasty, and it's a fun place, good drinks, but I wouldn't go there to make a meal of it.

            1. re: bread for breakfast

              I just checked out Hecho en Dumbo last night and was pleasantly surprised. The portions are definitely fairly small, but everything we had was quite tasty. I recommend the sampler platter for two or three people, it gives you a taste of most things on their menu, then you can build your order from there. Three of us drank beers and ate until we were satisfied (not stuffed) and spent $30 incl tax & tip which I thought was pretty reasonable. Would definitely drop by after work again for beers and bites.

          2. DUMBO dining is not great. Agree with others about the inconsistency of Five Front. The muscles there are wonderful, but some nights better than others (perhaps the cook changes?). Superfine is OK, but mainly hit or miss. I like their grilled pizzas, but have ordered pasta dishes that arrive dripping in oil. Bubby's is 100% overpriced and you leave in a food coma. I do like Hecho for brunch.

            In BH, the options are much better. Noodle Pudding and Henry's End are amazing, but again sometimes Henry's End depends on the chef working that night. Haven't tried Oven, but have heard mixed reviews.

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            1. re: Brooklyn Enthusiast

              Note Worthy:

              1. Henry's End
              2. Noodle Pudding
              3. Petit Marche

              Average/Above Average

              1. Iron Chef House
              2. Super Fine
              3. Siggy's
              4. Hecho
              5. Waterfront

              Below Average:

              1. Five Front
              2. Grimaldi's
              3. JTH