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Oct 15, 2007 09:48 AM

Culver City - Red Brick Pizza is now Brasilian Cuisine

Driving by the strip mall on Overland and Venice I noticed that the "Red Brick Pizza" sign on the side of the building has been changed to "Brasilian Cuisine." Does anyone know if this place is open? What type of restaurant it is or will be (proper menu or churrascaria)? I guess ASAP CPK was a better option than Red Brick Pizza and Venice Blvd. is becoming a haven for brasilian cuisine. Yummy!

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  1. It is open. It is a branch of the Brazilian place in the Farmer' Market (Fairfax), and pretty much the same as far as i can tell. It is cafeteria style and the plates are weighed by the pound.

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    1. re: theboatmanscall

      are you serious?!!! YES, *fist pump*. their cheese bread is to die for.

    2. Since it's walking distance from my place I'm just hoping it will be a good place to get affordably trashed on caipirinhas.

      1. I've been twice. The perfect place for me as I'm trying to avoid carbs.

        The first time was so good that I had to go back a couple of nights later.

        Unfortunately, someone in the kitchen was very liberal with the salt shaker.

        In fact, everything was so salty that I'm turned off of it at least for now.

        I'll give it another go in a month as the first visit was exceptional.

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        1. re: mar52

          i went tonight and nothing seemed really salty to me. i'm so glad they opened up this branch. next time, i'm going to order a plateful of that cheese bread.

          1. re: greengelato

            Had lunch and was dissapointed. Spent $16 on a very mediocre meal of undercooked rice, dry chicken stroganoff, salty garlic chicken and cold cheese bread. I could of had a better lunch at Brasa or at Cafe Brasil. Oh well - lesson learned. Not going back.

            1. re: tatertots

              My experience there some weeks ago was similar. A bit overpriced for mediocre food. I got a couple of different types of the grilled chicken and all of it was dried out. The sides are so so. The cheese bread was dull and not moist in the middle.

        2. they are now 50% from 3 to 6 pm. i love it there.