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Oct 15, 2007 09:42 AM

Sushi place for a large group (20-30)

Anyone know any good places with parking that can host a gathering of about 20-30 people, preferably close to the downtown area or TTC accessible

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  1. My favourite right now is Takesushi: . I don't know if they can host a party that size, but you can call and ask them. Parking downtown is always available at a price. There is parking in the BCE Place where Takesushi is located - probably around $7 after 6 pm or on weekends. It is accessible by TTC through Union Station.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      I'm not a food snob and I hope I don't come across as one, but I was at Takesushi this weekend and to be honest, it is NOT the same sushi place that I used to frequent a couple of years back. Sure the freshness factor was there, but to be honest some places that are lesser priced turnover their fish and keep it as fresh as Takesushi does.

      I'm sure there are other places that can do Japanese for that many people and you won't be paying such high prices.

      1. re: bluesbreaker1969

        I have had several great experiences at Takesushi recently. Neither the people I ate with or myself are novices when it comes to sushi. The food was fresh and tasted great, was beautifully presented and the service was great. I don't find their prices excessive and I haven't found a place in the general vicinity that offers the same quality for less. I can't even think of a place in the general vicinity where I've enjoyed the sushi to the same degree. You say that "some places are lesser priced turnover their fish and keep it as fresh as Takesushi" - I'd love hear of some specific examples.

        1. re: pescatarian

          How many times have you eaten at Takesushi in the past 3 months? And where else have you eaten sushi at recently?

          As I said, I had eaten at Takesushi several times in the past and eaten an assortment of sushi/sashimi and cooked items there.

          That being said - in that vicinity, I agree there isn't one (at least that I've tried in that area, save for Ninki when it opened a few years back I believe) that competes with its freshness. Nami may come close but when I was going there Take was better than Nami.

          One cheapie place that comes to mind and is fresh - Simon. Again, not a snob and let's not degenerate into a SIMON?! You may as well be eating CHUM sake....

          1. re: bluesbreaker1969

            I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying in your last sentence? I don't care whether you are a snob or not. I have had excellent sushi at Takesushi in a few times in the last 3 months and I have eaten at Nami, Blowfish, Ninki - which sucks by the way - no way that it's anywhere near the freshness of Takesushi. Blowfish is great, but more fusion and definitely more expensive than Takesushi. Nami hasn't been great in a long time.
            I don't understand your issue with Takesushi. You agree it's fresh, but you think it's a little more expensive than necessary? I disagree. I don't think it's overpriced for the quality. Can we agree to disagree?

            1. re: pescatarian

              For sure- that's my point - Take is overpriced for what you get. I've had as fresh sushi for less. But we are pretty much on the mark with everything else. Specially on Ninki.

              As to my last line - let's just say that throwing out Simon could have led to a palate-throwdown as I've seen with some posters on this site. You know - the only good food comes from St. Lawrence market or Cumbrae's or whatever. Did not mean any offense.

              1. re: bluesbreaker1969

                That's ok. Never heard the expression "throwing out Simon" before.
                I still can't think of a place in this area where you can enjoy the same fresh sushi, in a nice setting with good service - for less money. I really don't think that Takesushi is that expensive. Slightly more, than say Ninki, but I'd rather pay a little more and get good quality.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  just to clarify... it's not an expression.

                  simon sushi is a place on spadina very close to the uoft campus that was actually very well reviewed by people here. i personally didn't see what the fuss was although for cheap sushi it wasn't bad either.

    2. You never mentioned that you were looking for a budget place. For a bit more upscale experience, you should try Ki Modern Japanese + Bar, also located in BCE place (corner Bay/Wellington). It is pricey, but very good what with its signature makis and cold plates. They have valet parking if you don't want to park on the street, and there are 4 different sized rooms available for private functions, depending on the size of your party. I think the largest one could probably accomodate 30 people easily.

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      1. re: Tzero

        Sorry, I have to disagree. Ki is ok for after work drinks and an order of maki for a snack, but for a "go to" sushi restaurant for a party, I would suggest it. Talk about overpriced (as opposed to Takesushi) and it's hit and miss.

      2. I've seen a few mentions of Ninki Sushi on Adelaide in this thread, and I have to toss in my agreement that it has gone downhill recently. A couple years ago it was a decent budget option for Japanese in the downtown core, but after my last two visits I don't think I'll be returning.

        Two visits ago I tried a selection of sushi a la carte, and could barely eat most of it -- the fish was rubbery, the nori was like shoe leather, and rolls were oddly messy. Most of all, it just didn't taste very good. On my last visit I thought I'd stick to some purely cooked dishes and was still disappointed with chewy, flavourless chicken.

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        1. re: Gary

          Speaking for myself, I mentioned Ninki in the context that it is not good - in fact I would go as far as say it's terrible. I remember one decent meal there a couple years ago but we've tried a couple times since and it is just poor quality (and therefore cheap, yes).

          1. re: pescatarian

            yes - that is the Ninki of old that I remember - it was recently opened on Adelaide at that time and the sushi was very fresh and the rolls were great - and reasonably priced.

            then of course, it took off, and now its all polished wood and chi-chi in Scotia Plaza. Now TRY and having to go there, knowing what you're going to get, for a group luncheon (and everyone's excited) and you're like - that's ok, I'll just have the napkin. and some wasabi. very painful.