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Oct 15, 2007 09:12 AM

Karl's Sausage Saugus

I'll be going to Karl's this week to pick up some items for a Patriot's party. Any suggestions for things not to be missed? Thanks

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  1. all is Very Good here.
    i really like their rostawurst(sp) like i regular brat but a little coarser grind to the meaty goodness inside.
    i also like their house made liverwurst.

    1. I ditto ScubaSteve on the Rostbratwurst, though they're all good. I generally get all four of their brat varieties, including the very pale ones, which grill beautifully. I also usually get some of their excellent Italian sausages, speck, house-smoked bacon, liverwurst, a bunch of different little German mustards, pickles, cheese, breads, and rolls. It's a brilliant tailgating resource.

      1. Never been disappointed with anything i've purchased from Karl's. I love their liverwurst (the finer grind one). And a couple of their brats, with mustard and a beer, doesn't get much better than that.

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          I don't know how I forgot, but the smoked pork chops are great too.

        2. Here's another vote for the rostbratwurst - it's my favorite of Karl's sausages. I'd also recommend picking up some of their excellent frankfurters (and get some of that black forest ham for lunch the next day).

          1. Italyfan, you have received some awesome recommendations from some of the best posters on the board...Scuba, MC, jj, and Kip have it spot on.
            We really like the bacon (never tried the 'double or triple smoked'?) and liverwurst, but haven't tried the Rostbratwurst....
            What is Rostbratwurst? Not exactly found in the supermarket we're guessing.
            Great selection of virtually anything related to healthy German cuisine.


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            1. re: deweyweber54

     yourself a favor next go 'round and buy the triple smoked is sublime. I agree with above posters although I am not a fan of the rostbratwurst the smoother texture of the other sausages. Landjager is a great snack though and ditto the salami and head cheese!!