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Oct 15, 2007 09:10 AM

Olive You Disappointing Experience

Many of you have probably discovered Olive you and it is a good mediterranean restaurant. We went for the first time a few weeks ago and the service was not good, but we loved the food so we thought maybe the waitress was having a bad evening. But when we went with a couple of friends this weekend, we realized that bad service is really the norm there and this really ruined the evening.
First, there is nobody that keeps track of the waiting list and if you ask the waitress, she refers you to the bartender and vice versa! We saw people who arrived after us get sitted before us, and it happened to other people too throughout the evening! We wanted to have a drink at the bar while waiting and the bleached blonde bartender really has a chip on her shoulder! She never smiles and did not ask what we wanted! So no drink for us at the bar as she kept ignoring everyone (not just us)! When we finally sat down and ordered, our meals did not arrive at the same time and they forgot to bring our salads. Needless to say I am going to think twice about introducing friends to this place. Sure, the food is good, but is it really worth the bad service and attitude?

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  1. Yeah, same for us. We live just down the street, so when they had first opened we were pretty excited. Tried it out their first week open, and they lost our order, so we thought we would try again, was just a "opening glitch" they had to work out. The next 5 or so times weren't any better, from the owner not letting us order off of the regular menu (he gave us some sort of burger only menu?) to losing our order, to forgetting about our table, its been awful everytime. Do take out from the bar if you want to try them out, they seem to do ok with that if you call in and then go pick it up.

    1. Yes, it is sad but true...the service is consistently HORRIBLE. Still, I am drawn back time and again for the atmosphere and food...

      1. Sadly, I've had the same consistently poor service at Olive You. Despite that, I still go frequently (was just there last night) due to the great atmosphere, super nice owner and fantastic food. I've accepted that price for such awesome food.

        1. Agree with most of what's been said, this place sucks!!. I went here in August and had the worst dining experience of my life. Never going back again. In fact, I need to write a blog post so people can know to stay away when they search in google. Service was incredibly slow, the servers had no clue about the food they were serving, the wine is served warm (yuck), and worst of all the food is horrible. Took an hour from the time we asked for the bill until we left. They overcharged us on our credit cards, had troubles splitting the bill, and ignored requests over the phone to reverse the charges. Had to contact my credit card company to dispute..

          Stay far far away. I highly recommend Yanni's up the street around 74th and Greenwood. Much better food, service, atmosphere, prices, etc...

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            Yes, Yanni's is good and we enjoyed Gorgeous George's, down the street a few blocks. I wasn't paying either the check or much attention when I went there as the guest of friends. It wasn't about the chow so much as the friends, that time, but I think the mezza was good. Service did not register, that I recall.

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              I am stunned that people think this is good food. I am married to a Greek and let's just say he finds the food disgusting.

          2. Yeah, we just gave up and left. The first time we went in we were just curious passers by but the food looked good. The next time we went in and waited, and waited. The food also didn't look as appetizing this time so we just kind figured this place was off our list.