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Oct 15, 2007 09:08 AM

Fogo de Chão in Baltimore????

Brazilian style meal serve 15 different types of grilled meats. sides served to the table.
Have a double sided paddle one side green tells the cooks they can serve you meats and a red side it tells them you have stopped for now.
Lunch price is $22.50 and dinner is $42.50.

I have dying to try a Brazilian style restaurant but I think before this there was few and they were in DC. Has anyone been there? Is the food worth it? If you have not been to the one in Baltimore, please comment based on the DC location. I want to go this weekend if anyone can reccomend it.

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    1. I had lunch there a few weeks ago and will return. The meat is perfectly prepared and the salad bar is great. The deserts are also fabulous. I would recomend it. They are only open for dinner on weekends.

      1. I have also been recently. The meats are very good. And there is certainly a lot of food. The salad bar is nicer than most I guess, but I don't find salad that exciting. Although you should try the ham at the end, it's delicious.

        I would recommend pacing yourself if you have time. It was my first time at a restaurant like it, and I felt a little rushed (although we still ended up taking much longer than any of the tables around us). You have plenty of time to eat some salad, have a drink, chat and then you can start the meat parade by using your red/green token. And then the sides come. None of the servers actually rushed us, it was just all the sudden there was so much food and I was full.

        I have to say I didn't think the desserts were fabulous. We had the molten chocolate cake, which was good, but tasted like out of a box (like the "mashed potatoes") and the flan, which was also pretty good, but not the best I've had.

        The caipirhinas (sp?) which are a Brazilian drink made with a liquor whose name I also can't spell and limes and sugar were very good and heavy on the liquor.

        Also - try to sit somewhere besides the room with the salad bar. It looked like there were some back rooms. We were surrounded by tourists and children and it was sort of a tense, loud atmosphere.

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          That liquor is called cachaça.
          Danger, Will Robinson.

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            thanks! how do you make those little cedille things? that's how i thought it was spelled, but couldn't figure that part out

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              Enough of this stuff and you don't need the spaceship to fly , :-}

          2. Summary: Amazing meats, sometimes a little inconsistent. Unusually good salad bar. Great service.

            I had the pleasure of going twice in the span of one week with different groups of people. I had been to the one in Chicago and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to this one. Each time I was there, the meats were AMAZING. However, the meats that were truly outstanding the first time were merely good the second time, while other meats really stepped up. Example: the house special top sirloin was incredible the first time, and a little lackluster (in comparison) the following time. Pork ribs and beef ribs were juicy and just beautifully spiced the first time, then overcooked and dry the second trip. Hopefully, they'll work out the kinks and get some consistency at the high end of the spectrum. Regardless, at $22.50 at lunch, it's a steal and very much worth it.