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Oct 15, 2007 09:02 AM

Mermaid Inn UWS

Walked passed the Mermaid Inn's soon to be location on Friday.. This is really exciting stuff.. I have never been to Mermaid Inn and dislike Mayonnaise Lobster Rolls but, I am assuming they offer other things.. Anyone know when its opening or any news?

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    1. Did its location in the East Village close or are the owners adding a second restaurant?

      I love lobster rolls so that's what I've had there (and they're good!) but they do have other food which my friends say is tasty.

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      1. re: Jill

        couldn't have closed, i was there yesterday!

        1. re: Jill

          They're adding a second restaurant that's "as far away as possible" from the first.

          1. re: kathryn

            Phew...I love the East Village location. Thanks for the info!

        2. Don't overlook Neptune Room in this 'hood.

          Just down the block!


          1. Walked by there last night, widows are still covered in paper, hard to tell if any work is going on. This is very exciting news, If it's anything like the East Village it means there's finally a good addition to the UWS. Seems like all we get are new banks and overpriced, albeit delicious, ice cream and yogurt

            1. Looks like it is about ready to open, think Monday is the official day.
              Looks like they were having a staff meal in the front last night, and then friends and family later in the evening.
              Looking forward to this, as I live upstairs, and miss having Pair of Eights for convenient, quality food.