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Oct 15, 2007 08:46 AM

Thai in North York

Hi Folks,

I've been getting my thai take-out fix from Lotus Thai (Yonge/Steeles)...but they recently went out of busines...Any reccomendations for thai within Dufferin-Bayview-Sheppard-Steeles quadrant, preferrably with delivery??

Many thanks

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  1. I like Thai Spoon. It's in Richmond Hill, so it's further north than your boundaries, but they deliver.

    1. Thai Bistro - on west side of yonge, few steps south of finch, not sure if they deliver but you can find plenty of reviews of this place on chowhound. they're my fave in north york

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      1. re: berbere

        Thanks! Thai bistro is pretty good!

        1. re: berbere

          Thai Bistro is one of the worst restaurants I've ever been to. Their beef dishes use that cheap beef that is tenderized to mush like they use in the worst buffets. The Pad Thai is a dry as dust and has a definite off taste. It is also small and dirty with fairly poor service.

          1. re: wordsworth

            poor service i agree with, bu the food was very good and authinque.

            maybe you went on an off day?

        2. Satay on the Road, Ave. & 401, but I am sure they will deliver to you.

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            We get delivery from Satay on the Road all the time (it's the only that that'll delivery to our office)... it's ok, nothing spectacular esp. if you've eaten the authentic stuff in Thailand.

            Thai Bistro is a mom 'n son kind of shop, although the son is a real slacker and can be rude to customers. They have pretty good sauces (i.e. curries), although some of the meats aren't the best in quality.

            Another one to consider is Royal Orchard Thai, just a bit north of Steeles. Always busy when I go there to eat or take out.