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The stuffed avacado challenge

My favorite food right now is stuffed avacados. Yes, they are ridiculously heavy, fatty, greasy, cheesy and I can't eat them very often. But I love them. I've decided to try them at as many places as I can find them. So far I've had Trudy's and Maudie's.

Maudie's is served as a salad. The avacado is chopped and mixed with shrimp with a creamy cheesy sauce, then poured back into the avacado shell and over a bed of lettuce. I had it with a chicken soft taco and a margarita. With tip and all, about $17. It was ok, but not exactly what I was looking for.

Trudy's was what I was looking for. Whole avacado stuffed with chicken, deep fried, then covered in sauce.. I got the queso. Disgusting and heavenly at the same time. Of course, I loved it. It's certainly not high class food, but oh so good.

Where else in Austin have you seen them on the menu? Are they common to the Mexican restaurants?

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  1. The Morelia in Elgin (about 20-25 miles east on 290) has stuffed avacado on the menu. They are as you describe, stuffed with your choice of beef or chicken, lightly battered, deep fried. I've never tried one, but I see many many pass by on their way to other diners. Me, I'm stuck on their fajitas. I'd never noticed stuffed/fried avacados on menus at Mexican restaurants until the past few years.

    1. My sister was just telling me about the chicken fried avacado that she had at Doc's Backyard (new location from Doc's Motorworks). I notice that it's on both menus. It's stuffed with a chicken and cheese mixture with a cream sauce. She said it was delicious, decadent and at least 900 calories... it sounds to me like a bit more than that.


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        I just had Doc's Backyard. I was rather disappointed. The food was extremely bland. The avacado had no taste. The filling had no taste except cheese. There was no salsa with it, so you couldn't even spice it up. The avo and a drink was $17.

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          I'm sorry to hear that! I haven't tried it but I do prefer not so subtle flavor, as well. You posted about the one at Freda's... how did it do on the flavor meter?

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            I haven't been to Freda's but that one sounds really good. Now I've got to get to Musashino's, Chuy's and Freda's.

      2. Musashino has Avocado Kama - an avocado stuffed with seafood and spicy japanese mayo. I love that thing. Sounds downright healthy compared to a deep fried avocado, no? I'll have to give one of those a try after my next cholesterol check.

        1. Well, I was just making a reservation at Backstage and while looking over the menu, I stumbled on the following entree:

          Pan-Seared Shrimp with Rice and a Marinated Avocado Stuffed with Grilled Corn and Lobster Charred Jalapeno Bacon Lime Butter Sauce.

          Maybe someone who has tried this item can give us the lowdown???

          1. Is a deep-fried avocado skin-on? Does the skin become edible that way?

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              The fried avocados I've seen are peeled, split and stuffed and then fried.

            2. I'm a HUGE fan of the Avocado Kama at Uchi. I NEVER share that.

              Although I haven't been to Las Casas on E. 7th, my Dad has. He said it was wonderful. Here's an article about it (and their stuffed avo) from the Austin Chronicle:


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                Las Colinas on Mesa has a stuffed avocado as their Thursday special. Supposed to be really good.

              2. I have been a reader of this board for about a year and finally decide to post an opinion. I LOVE Chuy's stuffed avocado. It is peeled, cut in half, stuffed with a green chili cheesy chicken mix then put back together, battered, deep fried and drizzled lightly with a spicy sauce. It is the daily special on Wednesdays. It is worth the fat and calories . It also comes with rice and a side salad. It's like $6.99 or $7.29. Very Yummy!!!

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                  My gosh... that sounds decadent! Well worthy of a first post! Welcome.

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                    Seconded! Chuy's was my first stuffed avocado and definitely worth the fat!

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                      I'm new to Austin, but Chuy's sounds familiar. Is it a chain? I gotta know. and where is it?

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                        Yes,lots all over town.Barton Springs, N Lamar, 183,I-35 in RR.Not very good but have some decent dishes

                    2. Freda's has a stuffed avocado apppetizer. It is a whole avocado peeled, cut in half and topped with a cold seafood salad.

                      If you sit in the bar or patio between 4-7pm you can get it for $4 instead of $9

                      1. Avocado is my favorite food, could eat it for every meal every day, and i try. As for perhaps a lighter stuffed avocado, the one at Fonda San Miguel is delicious. With a citrus seafood filling over greens, it is one that doesnt require you to diet afterwards.

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                          I tried the Avocado Kama at Mushashino today. I liked it for the most part, but I think it was a little heavy on the sauce. I'm not a huge creamy sauce fan and didn't expect that much. I think I'd order it again, but ask for the sauce on the side.

                          I want to try the Avobake at Uchi, but it's Krab and me no likey. Although, I'm pretty sure that was Krab in the one at Mushashino today, in which case, maybe I like some Krab, but not say, that kind at the grocery store?

                        2. Look, I tried not to like it. I'm not really into Trudy's very much. Really mediocre on almost every front.

                          But the fried, stuffed avocado was just... well, really enjoyable. Maybe I just got lucky. Maybe they're always this good. But if I ever find myself at Trudy's again (odds are reasonable that it could happen), and assuming I'm fairly hungry, I'll definitely give this another shot.

                          I don't crave it enough to go back to Trudy's solely under my own power, mind you, but it was definitely surprisingly good. Maybe even Pretty Darn Good.

                          1. I finally made it to Chuy's today to try the avocado. (It is now the Monday special and thats the only day you can get it) It was fantasic. Generally, I don't like Chuy's food, but this was really tasty. Very creamy and yummy and I will definetly be going back for it.
                            I also had the one at Uchi on my birthday. Very yummy, but I think I prefer the deep fried heart attack on a plate ones. ;)

                            1. Anyone aware of vegetarian stuffed avacados in town?

                              1. The best I've had is at Cafe Adobe in Houston! Peeled avacado half, stuffed w/ beef or chicken, or fajita beef/chicken! Cheese, batter, fried, wondeful red sauce! Anyone know how to do it or get the recipe?