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Oct 15, 2007 08:22 AM

NYC ICY in Kensington?

while driving along church ave. just past coney island ave. i noticed a sign that said NYC ICY on a storefront. anyone know anything about that? (i have a vague recollection of a similarly named ice place that was open in the e. village for a brief time--their ices were quite good and they had some unique flavors, if memory serves). so the name grabbed my attention and i am wondering if this is the same place.

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  1. I had heard it was an offshoot of a place in Corona that was "the second best ice place in NY." Perhaps related to the EV one as well. Was the place on Church open for biz?

      1. re: JanetG

        thanks for the link. that is truly amazing news for this neck of the woods! seems we have been inundated w/ thai restaurants here in kensington lately -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- but this will certainly mix things up--