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Oct 15, 2007 07:43 AM

feeling on Bruno and Vice Versa.....

I was wondering how these 2 rest. were...looking for special romantic nice italian rest w/ great service....gourmet food for boyfriend, but very plain for me......any suggestions? If anyone ate here, what are your thoughts....

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  1. i went to vice versa for the first time last week and it is fine. I mean, it is Good, not extraordinary and not cheap, but food was well cooked and I enjoyed it. I recommend it, yes.

    1. if its the brunos on e 58-will never ever go back-once i ordered lobster-the shell was full of scallops and i asked why-said they ran out of lobster so they substituted scallops-so gross!!!!! i hope it was not from someones plate!!!! and previous to that i was a regular!!!

      1. I enjoy ViceVersa-it's on my regular rotation for pre-theater-I like the pasta and risotto...but I don't think it's right for a "special romantic" evening...and it's not exactly gourmet. Can't speak to Bruno.
        I'd suggest instead looking at L'Impero.

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          yes, definitely nothing special, just normal enjoyable. not bad not great: not memorable.

        2. I really think Vice Versa would be the perfect compromise for you and BF.
          You'll really enjoy it.