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Oct 15, 2007 06:45 AM

Another Hard Boiled Egg Problem

Sorry to bring this topic up again- but something new and weird happened to the dozen eggs I was hard boiling last weekend. Now - I'm an old hand at hard boiling eggs, but this time was totally weird. The whites all turned sort of brown/beige!! There wasn't any "rotten egg smell" or anything else - just that nasty horrible discoloration on ALL the whites. Anyone have a reason for this????

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  1. Ok - this is going to sound crazy but what method did you use to boil them? Did you actually boil them or did you bring them to a boil, cover and let set? The second method seems to provide for a better presentation of the cooked egg. However, I have never had the problem with the while turning dark. That is a new one.

    1. I never heard of anything like that. I agree that cooking the eggs by bringing them up to a boil, then cover and let set usually produces the best result:

      Did you actually taste the eggs? Did they have a strange taste or was it just an issue of discoloration?