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Oct 15, 2007 06:27 AM

Recommendations for Detroit

I'm a DC foodie and will be in Detroit this weekend for a wedding. We will have some down time during the day on Thursday and Friday so looking for some good lunch spots in downtown Detroit. We are staying across from the Ren Center and won't have a car.

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  1. Greektown is an easy walk from the RenCen area, or take the People Mover--the running joke is that all the Greek restaurants use the same underground kitchen, as their menus are virtually identical.

    There are some excellent restaurants in the RenCen itself, as well as a food court for the GM employees.If it's nice out, the GM employees will be outside by the river behind the RenCen. I HIGHLY recommend a stroll down the Riverwalk if the weather cooperates.

    Are you interested in any particular type of cuisine? Detroit has lots of options but not having a car is a bad thing.

    1. You have to hit Lafayette or American for a coney. I am a Lafayette devotee.
      Andiamo's in the Ren Cen has beautiful outdoor seating overlooking the reiver and Windsor if you have a nice day. At least stop in for a Happy Hour drink.

      If you have a nice day and all afternoon, go to Eastern Market, pick up picnic fixin's, and head to Belle Isle to watch the freighters go by. Worth the cab fare.

      1. I'd stroll on up to the Woodward, just north of Campus Martius (1040 Woodward)--good, slightly upscale American food that also reflects the city where it's located.

        The coney places will serve two of you and give you change back from a ten, but the onion breath may knock out the bride during the wedding rehearsal. Still worth a visit.

        A cheap option with nice ambiance is the Rowland coffee counter in the Guardian Building on Griswold, just steps from your hotel. They always have a couple of unusual soups and sandwiches, and the setting is great--one of the more beautiful office buildings in the U.S. Also excellent espresso drinks.

        Could also try the new Asian Village, one building east of the Ren Cen, facing the river. I've tried the lunch area, which has pan-Asian foods including Indonesian fried rice. There's also a sushi bar and a fancy place called Fusia--not sure if it's open for lunch. It's all brand new, so no guarantees, but it's a project by one of Detroit's hipper designers if you are into checking something like that out.

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          I've heard some bad , bad things about Asian Village , hopefully they are just growing pains , but I trust my downtown sources , so I will stick to my suburban asian options . There are some good greek options on Monroe , in spite of what some people say . Golden Fleece has great greek style bar food , the braised lamb shank at Cyprus Taverna rocks , how can you not like places that have cold octopus salad on their menus ? Jacoby's is also a good choice .

        2. As Coney points out, not having a car is a great disadvantage in Detroit. Detroit's a wasteland as far as public transportation goes. All those lovely auto companies . . .

          But you're just a few blocks from Foran's Irish Pub. Get on Woodward and start walking and you can't miss it on the right. I haven't been there in ages, since i worked downtown, but they knew a thing or two about bar burgers back in the day. I'm betting they still do.

          I echo everything that's been said about Lafayette or American Coney Island. Day-twah institutions, both. A foodie coming to Detroit owes it to themselves to at least give it a try.

          1. Please, please stay away from any of the restaurants on Monroe Street (Greektown)--except Astoria Bakery for desert.

            I'd suggest Cobo Joe's, inexpensive.
            Tom's Oyster Bar, expensive.
            Jacoby's German Bier Garten, moderate.
            Vincente's Cuban, moderate

            All of these are strolling distance from where your hotel is.

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              These places will all give you a decent meal (I've never been to Cobo Joe's. But if you're searching for Vicente's, note that he has only one "n" in his name.


              Vicente Cuban Cuisine
              1250 Library St, Detroit, MI 48226