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Oct 15, 2007 06:10 AM

Raw Oysters in DC with Baltimore Prices?

HELP! In seek of raw oysters in DC at Baltimore prices

Typically the SO and I in the R month's go up to Baltimore and gorge ourselves on raw oysters. When you compare how much it costs in Baltimore for an order of a half dozen raw oysters (in a restaurant) and hotel room with how much it costs to buy raw oysters (in a restaurant) in DC we pretty much break even when we go to Baltimore. BTW, SO can put down 2 dozen raw oysters in a blink of an eye. It's scary, I know.

But now that the SO is back in school, we are looking to save a little bit of money and I was wondering if we are missing a hidden gem in DC. Hank's Oyster Bar is a bit pricey given the number of oysters we eat so we are looking for a place that prices their oysters around what Admiral's Cup Cafe (our usual haunt) in Fells Point prices their raw oysters at. AND importantly we like to drink a couple of pints of good cold beer with our oysters so it has to be Metro accessible if it is not in DC proper.

So is this possible or is SO going to have to learn some restraint?

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  1. What are typical Baltimore area prices?

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    1. re: dcandohio

      For what I found, it's around the Old Ebbitt Grill price that caphil07 quoted below. But, I remember Admiral's Inn Happy Hour prices being a bit cheaper than that. Then again that was last year and prices might of changed.

      1. re: dcandohio

        As an example, the Hon Bar in Hampden has oysters, Chesapeakes, every first friday for I think $3 a 1/2 dozen!

      2. The Old Ebbitt Grill does a seafood happy hour Tuesday-Friday, from 3-6PM and then again from 11-Close. All of the items on their raw bar menu are half price. I believe you can get a dozen oysters for right around 11 dollars. Great deal and their raw bar is usually pretty well stocked.

        1. I believe Legal's Seafood also does some sort of a raw bar happy hour as well. But I've never been...I can say that the quality of Legal's oysters is usually quite good.

          You should call them and double check though that this is still going on. Might have just been a spring/summer promotion type thing.

          1. 3 Brothers (in the BAR area) in the Beltway Plaza Shopping mall in Greenbelt has them at 50 cents each. Sit at the bar - the bartenders are the shuckers as well. Big, very good, and local oysters. Atmosphere is lacking, especially if you don't care for professional sports.

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            1. re: Rosco1

              That sounds awesome, but is that easily accessible by a bus and/or is a taxi easy to get?

              1. re: botnot

                I vaguely recall from when I used to work near there that there is (or at least was) a shuttle bus from the Greenbelt metro station to the Beltway Plaza shopping center.

              2. re: Rosco1

                Is that during happy hour? I eat there (at the bar) several times a month, usually on Sunday afternoons. I've never seen oysters for that price there (and I usually get pizza or a sub).

              3. botnot: I'm wondering what varieties of oysters you are accustomed to eating in Baltimore? Locals? Or those flown in from the Norteast or Pacific Northwest? Makes a big difference.

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                1. re: EatOrGoToYourRoom

                  To be perfectly honest. I have no idea as my SO is the oyster connoisseur. But, from what I gather I'm eating locals or ones that are flown in from the Gulf. I know that my SO prefers the ones from the Gulf as that's what he was raised on.