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Oct 15, 2007 06:09 AM

Chef's Table at Park Ave Summer/Fall

I am planning a special occasion for 10 people, and we would like to have a private area of an upscale (but not too $$$$) restaurant. I saw that Park Avenue Fall has a chef's table that seats up to 10, and I was wondering if anyone here has experienced it since it has become PA Summer or Fall. Any feedback on this would be appreciated! We are also looking into Hearth, but any other suggestions would be great too! Thanks!

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  1. the chef's table is located downstairs in the middle of the kitchen. it is enclosed with two glass walls, it is temperature controlled and sound proof once the door is closed. there is music which you can also control. the service from the staff is great. although the table is isolated from the main dining room, i thought it was cool to spend it with my party and be able to see the action going on in the kitchen.

      1. Park Avenue Summer is (was) completely form over substance, and service is mediocre at best. You will be charged $$$$ and, I would guess, will walk away feeling that you spent too much and received too little. There are better options for a private area.

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          Do you have any other suggestions besides Hearth? I had lunch at Park Ave Summer in August and really enjoyed the food, but I did find the service a little spacey. I hoped that at the chef's table that service would not be an issue, but I am still open to other options.

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            Must it be a chef's table as such, or will a private space do? If the latter, you might want to consider Compass. Chef Neil Annis recently returned to run the kitchen, and his cuisine is superb. (Not that John Fraser's was anything less, but he's gone off to open his own place.) There are several different private spaces. The jewel box seems perfect for your group.


            Oceana has a private wine cellar that can accommodate up to 24. Details on the website. I've not been since Chef Ben Pollinger arrived, so I can't comment on the quality of the cuisine.