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Oct 15, 2007 04:10 AM

Diane's Trattoria, Woodbury or Roslyn

The NY Times LI edition reviewed the Diane's Trattoria branch in Woodbury. We want to go to the original in Roslyn. Any comments on either?

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  1. I've been to Roslyn location once (about a month ago) and I really enjoyed it. The food was delicious. I can't wait to go back and highly recommend it to anyone (especially if you like osso bucco).

    1. We've been going to the one in Roslyn for many years and love it. We went to the one in Woodbury about 3 weeks ago and thought it was overpriced, the dishes read better on the menu than what was delivered, my dish was bland, and my husband's dish bearly had any meat that the dish described (it was more like bits of meat). The didn't offer the same addictive bread basket that Roslyn does, giving instead skimpy slices of french bread - one each per person. We were surprised at our experience there especially since we love the one in Roslyn. When we read the review in the paper recently we were shocked and asked ourselves, "did the reviewer actually eat the food?". We won't return to the Woodbury location, but will happily go back to the Roslyn one.

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        I've not been to Trattoria Diane, but we ate at Diane's Woodbury last week and won't be going back for the same reasons listed above. Food was good, but not great, and was very expensive for the quality and quantity offered. We left feeling underwhelmed and ripped off, as we're accustomed to better food and at significantly lower prices elsewhere. There's just nothing about the atmosphere or quality of the food to justify the expense.

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          The bread basket is sooo good in Roslyn as is everything else.
          Woodbury sounds just the opposite. Just as well. Love to walk around the town, window shop and maybe even burn off a few calories.

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            I think this is the Woodbury effect, because of the area, many places feel they can charge more than the norm. Plus from what I can see the area is big for dining and taking out, so there is always a steady stream of customers. Most places in this area are packed 7 nights a week. At least that's my opinion.

          2. My best friend is from roslyn and we love that one! Never been to the Woodbury location.

            1. We just went to the Roslyn location for the first time last week. Just lovely. We went on a Sunday night and encountered their prix fixe dinner for $30. Appetizers were huge and delicious, and so were the entrees. And then, of course, I had to have dessert, since it was included. Service was fine. Only complaint - it was a really cold night, and when the door opened it was quite uncomfortable in the first floor dining room.


              1. we went to Roslyn last night and it was prix fix, I think perhaps LI Restaurant week?
                In any case, other then the busboy occasionally not paying attention, it was all very good, especially for $30pp, before.

                We had artichoke heart salad and figs with gorgonzola and prosciutto salad for apps.

                For mains we had 3 huge diver scallops pan seared on corn, beans and asparagus.
                And pan seared wild salmon, medium rare, on fresh al dante beans, in a red wine sauce.
                Both extremely delicious.
                For dessert pear/almond tarts and excellent cappuccino.

                I was disappointed they were out of the pan seared pork chop and my spouse couldn't get the plum tart she desired.
                Everything was excellent. Although the by the glass wines were limited in selection, they were good choices, albeit somewhat small in size.

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                  I'm pretty sure that Diane's in Roslyn has a prix fixe dinner every Sunday night all year long.