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Oct 15, 2007 03:46 AM

Saratoga: Been there, done that; new recs please!

My dude and I hightail it to saratoga every fall for a couple of days...problem is, we keep hitting the same spots and want to try new spots.

Where we've gone:

Chez Sophie : dissapointing
Wine Bar: Stellar
Hatties: Very good
Mrs. London's : A++++
Cup and saucer: Eek.

Any rec's on places not listed?
I checked out Beekman street and it looks swell, but what other places would you all recommend?

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    1. Toscano Forno across from the Saratogian hotel

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      1. re: MRS

        Don't know when you're coming up, or when the new restaurant will be open (maybe early November) , but if not this visit, next time- Max London's- next to Mrs. London's.

        1. re: markabauman

          mrs. london is my very favourite spot in all of's everything I always wanted a teahouse to be..what i didn't put together until a recent Saveur article about the place, was the London's are the same people as Rockhill bakery, makers of the 10 lbs. 8 grain loaf (ok, i'm exaggerating, but there's enough fiber in the delightful loaf to clean the colons of a family of 20)...I'm assuming Max London is by Mr. London -true?? What else do you know about this place..? will it be a restaurant in the traditional sense?

          1. re: sixelagogo

            Max is actually Mrs. London's son-a very talented young chef with extensive experience who has been on hiatus researching, developing and creating this place with his parents. Very sophisticated, clean interior. Wood-fired oven. Should have some great wines. Probably some small plates. Spanish/Italian/American influences.The rest...??? Beautiful bar on one side, wall separating-banquette seating on the other side.

            1. re: markabauman

              excellent...we'll be up there in mid novemember...fingers crossed that it's open

      2. Suggest Lanci's, One Caroline, Chianti, along with the suggestions below. Cantino has a killer margarita; 9 Maple has everything else in the booze line.

        1. How about Chianti's other venue where the old firehouse used to be, more of a bistro but quality food and service. Also, try Scallions on Lake Ave, next to the real firehouse, lighter fare. Leave Saratoga and try the Golden Fox or the neighboring restaurant Tosca Grille in DT Troy. Also try Milano in Latham. I lived in Saratoga for years and now seldom go except opposite the track..Albany has a great selection of spots from Jack's Oyserhouse to the Pearl and many many more.....