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Oct 14, 2007 11:12 PM

St. Louis - three new sushi bars

All three of these are in St. Peter in St. Charles County; they are each based on one visit and are sushi - only reviews. Many thanks to FOTD for the heads up on Blue Sea's location!

Kitaro – Beautiful new huge stand alone building with teppanyaki tables, a lot of regular tables, a grill in the open kitchen, and a two tier sushi bar. Disappointing sushi – rice a little underdone, fish mediocre. Lots and lots of rolls. Service horrible, and at a slow lunch. Don’t be fooled by the building --- don’t bother. C for the sushi; F for the service..

Sakura – primarily teppanyaki tables with small sushi bar. Mediocre but not horrible sushi. Chef apparently not experienced – I was the only one at the sushi bar and he was pretty slow. Tolerable but there are many better places. C+.

Blue Sea -- Tables and sushi bar. Rice a little too moist but seasoning very good. Very limited fish selection but very big roll selection; the emphasis is obviously on the latter. A very tasty seaweed salad, and the folks are very friendly. Quite frankly better than I expected it to be. Maybe a B.

None of them are as good as nearby Crazy Sushi.

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  1. I concur about the service at Kitaro. I went with a group of 8 recently for lunch. The worst service I've ever had. It took ages to get water, which finally came with the drink order. It didn't look like the other tables were faring any better. The sushi is very average and not cheap, but they still use fake crab. My grilled sea bass with a miso glaze tasted somewhat past it's prime. The plates used for the sushi were plastic with a built in compartment for the soy-tacky. Presentation and plating of the entrees was seriously lacking in artistry, as if a gringo had put it together. I see no reason to give it another try.

    1. I had a similar Kitaro experience. Great ambience, terrible service and only so-so sushi. Not in a hurry to go back. Haven't tried Blue Sea yet but went, against my will, to Little Tokyo on Jungermann and Mexico Road. It's not worth the trip. Sushi was the worst I've had, dry rice, less than fresh fish. Very disappointing.