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Oct 14, 2007 10:42 PM

Decide my next meal!

I've compiled a list of intriguing restaurants after perusing the Chowhound boards, but I can't decide which to try decide for me! Realize that the list below has no rhyme or reason and spans high-end contemporary to budget ethnic food, but I'm looking for a place that left you really wanting to go back, regardless of price point.

Pacific Dining Car
Bossa Nova
Café Brasil
Brasa Brasil Grill
Cafe Dahab
Chez Mimi
Bistro L'Hermitage
Sonora Cafe
Hungry Cat
Via Veneto
Papa Christo's

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  1. Of these depending upon your mood for location and ambience, Via Veneto or Hungry Cat.

    1. i vote for hungry cat because it's on MY list too. i can live vicariously through you :)

      oh, and take tengu off the list. it's SO unremarkable.

      1. Hungry Cat or Papa Christo's on Thursday.

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        1. re: Diana

          Papa Christo is fab on Thursdays! Every time we go, we're stuffed with so much delicious food that we can't eat for most of the next day. What a bargain.

          El Jeffe, you can skip Cafe Dahab. It's okay but not worth a special trip.

          Via Veneto, Fraiche, Hungry Cat are all excellent.

          I like Cafe Brasil for a casual dinner, the location on Venice is better than the one on Washington, byob.

          The food at Tengu is fine in a trendy sort of way, but I find it overpriced.

          Brasa Brasil is a very good deal for a lot of food (don't forget to byob). I prefer meat to be rarer than some of the ones we were served but they were very gracious about bringing us pieces that were less well-done.

          Chameau is good but I prefer Tagine.

          1. re: hrhboo

            Why Papa Christo's on a Thursday? Is it a special or something?

        2. i LOVE Hungry Cat. I suggest going there. My favorites on the menu - peel and eat shrimp ( and they'll peel them for you if you like ) lobster roll, ice cold fresh oysters, and i must say, the pug burger there is pretty great. if scallops are on the menu, order them. they do them so good. Also their cocktails are fantastic. Great Margaritas, and the cocktail of the day is always fresh and interesting. :-)

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          1. re: Jaybay

            I definitely dig the oysters at Hungry Cat too, especially Malpeques if they're available. My favorite menu item, though, has to go to the king crab leg in mustard butter: It's served with a great piece of toasted bread to help sop up all the mustard butter (sort of like Provence by way of the Maryland coast).

            Of the cocktails, my two favorites of the moment are the pimlico (a sour take on the mint julep, which is sweet) and also the hot tamale, which is essentially a margarita that uses tequila infused with fresno chiles.

            The Hungry Cat
            1535 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

          2. Of the list here, Via Veneto is the winner. I was shocked, as it is basically outside my doorstep. You have to make a resy because it's booked solid, but you haven't had Italian like this since Angelini Osteria or Capo. It's truly superb. It aint cheap though. Of the lower priced ones on your list, Cafe Brasil is one of my favorite spots. The "dark meat chicken" which doesn't sound appetizing, is delicious. Authentic food, but no atmosphere. Worth it though and I've returned many times.