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Oct 14, 2007 09:18 PM

Got Quebec City recommendations?

I'm writing a feature on Quebec City and I'm eager for any recommendations anyone has -- restos, cafes, bars, hotels... they're all welcome.

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    Expensive - VERY good food - incredible service - a reference:
    Initiale (;
    Panache (;
    Utopie (


    Good to have a look - good food - Second best if u don't have place to the others:
    Laurie Raphael (
    )Saint Amour (
    )Monte Cristo (

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    1. re: mtl98

      We ate in Saint Amour last week and it was extremely expensive. I have to say the food was beyond comparison, though. I would reserve it as a place to have an anniversary dinner or somewhere to take my parents when they visit next.

      1. re: Sandy204

        Judging by the fact that the post is almost a year old, I'm pretty sure that the article has been written and published for a while now.