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Oct 14, 2007 07:48 PM

Help: How should I use 5lbs of beef round tip steak?

I just bought 5 lbs of beef round tip steak from Costco- I've never really used this cut of meat...My impression is that the meat will be tough and i'll have to braise/ slow cook it some way or the other. Besides freezing some of the meat, i was thinking some kind of soup of stew, maybe a stir-fry but I'm not really sure what are the best uses for this cut of meat.
I am cooking for only two, what ideas do u have for utlizing this meat in diverse ways? I would love some soup recipes that this meat would be good to use in or any other ideas pleease! Recipes would be much much appreciated, thanks hounds!

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  1. No meat is tough when cut properly and thinly. I use cuts like this on the grill with apple wood and a rub cooked medium. Then I thinly slice on the Hobart for sammiches. Delish.

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      so semi-freeze and slice thin against the grain...
      would a cut like this work well in a beef vegetable soup or any other hearty soup/stwe?

    2. You could make swiss steak, onion, green or red pepper, garlic can of tomato cook slow until tender serve on noodles, rice or mashed potato and you can freeze some of it for a quick meal. You could cut into medium slices and make a stew, brown meat then onion, garlic if you like, add little water and or wine, when meat is almost done you can add carrots, potatoes when vegetables are done thicken a bit with flour or cornstarch if you like thick.

      1. Roast it to rare, refrigerate, slice thin, and serve cold or room temperature. This will make great of the best roast beef sandwiches or a great lunch or picnic entree.

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          I don't know how well that would work because the 5 lbs is already sliced into about 1 inch steaks.... i'm thinking i could use it for chili?

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            So, you have a bunch of 1 inch steaks? This is really a tender cut if you do it right. You could do a quick pan fry, as long as you like it rare. Maybe you should look at the Beef sites (Beef, it's what's for dinner,, etc) and search their databases for ideas. I had a round tip roast that I hardly cooked and used ad grishnackh mentioned, and it was very tender and good, but it was a roast.