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Oct 14, 2007 07:46 PM

Resto recs needed for b-day surprise

Hi Chowhounds!
So I'm looking to take my boyfriend out in the city on Nov. 9 - a Friday night. It's his birthday, and, unbeknownst to him, I've arranged for two of our best friends from the East Coast to fly in that night. The plan is for us to go out for his birthday and for them to walk into the restaurant and surprise him. Looking for suggestions on where to plan this little transaction. Some specs follow. The place must be:

1. Near a BART station. My friends will need to take BART to the restaurant from SFO.
2. One that accepts reservations rather late. My friends will be here at 11, so a 9:30 or even 10:00 reservation would be ideal.
3. One that my boyfriend would like, so my choice won't look too suspicious. This means fairly down-to-earth, with great beer selections, if possible.
4. Not too expensive, if possible. I don't have tons of cash to blow. Entrees under $20 would be ideal.

Quite a challenge, I know. Release the 'hounds!

:) DClope (I should change this to SF lope, I guess)

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  1. I'd think there are plenty of places in the Mission that would fit your price line, and be open late. Closer to the Financial District gets more expensive than your price range...I'd suggest searching the boards here. Range is nice, but I'm not sure what the average meal cost is.

    1. Near the 16th Street BART station, you could check out Andalu. I know they do reservations that late, and it's a small plates place so you might be able to have more control over the dollar amount (theoretically).

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        Andalu looks perfect. Thanks for helping me scheme!

      2. I'm a fan of Farmerbrown for late night dining...also, Oola would fit the bill but might be a bit of a hike from BART.