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Oct 14, 2007 07:24 PM

Blender decisions: Kitchen-Aid Artisan or the new Cuisinart???

Which is the better investment? I know that the classics keep on giving, but the perks I read on the new Cuisinart (for relatively the same amount of the Kitchenaid) are something. 1000 watts, 7 quart bowl, 12 speeds, digital timer.....all sounds fabulous, but I want to make sure I'm spending my money wisely. I love to bake and lately, I've been baking A LOT, so this is my dream purchase for the year.


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  1. Kitchen Aid, hands down. The new Cuisinart is exactly that and the Kitchen Aids have decades of quality as a track record.

    1. i'm assuming you meant mixer. not blender...?

      i pondered the same question, and though i usually go for the tried & true, this time around i bucked convention and splurged on the new cuisinart. tons of power, additional outlets/connections for attachments...and i LOVE the timer & tilting head.

      just beware that it's HUGE, and heavy. definitely wider than the kitchen aid, so if you're tight on space that may be a consideration. mine won't fit in any of my cabinets, so i've been forced to stash it on top of the fridge.

      1. Again, you mean mixer, right? I have an "original market" KitchenAid K5A that has held up like a champion, not for years but for decades. My Cuisinart food processor is also "vintage," and has stood the test of time. So both, in my book, are excellent brands.

        My KitchenAid has never faltered, no matter what I'm making. I bake a lot of breads and it always does the kneading for me like I had a personal baker in the kitchen with me to do the drearies. So there has never been a question of sufficient power. But I've never used one of the KitchenAids with the tilt head. Don't know if they hold up as well.

        I'm not sure I see the value of a timer on a mixer. Well, yeah... Boxed cake mixes specify a mixing time, but who pays attention to those? Then the mixing time is very different with a "planetary" mixer than it is with, say, a MixMaster or whatever. For creaming butter and sugar, I use color, not time. And when I'm doing a wedding cake, the timing for a royal icing or a butter cream is far less in the KitchenAid. I don't think I'd place much value on a timer.