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Oct 14, 2007 07:22 PM

Bravo Next Iron Chef!


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  1. Had a computer snafu. Congrats to food network for having a show about chefs who actually cook. The second installment of TNIC was awesome. The define yourself in one bite,amuse bouche challenge, was brilliant. The technology challenge and its difficulty showed both the traditions of the chef,and if technology has a legitimate place in culinary expertise. Some of the best chefs in America not using sous vide, xanthum gum, cryo something, and other futuristic techniques which basically champion food in itself. Chris Cosentino using in saor, a traditional Italian flavor and winning the challenge? exciting! Chef Besh? I think he's the one to beat. Love Chef Kaysen and the fact the he will be Chef at Daniel. I have a reason to visit! Chef Lola (my nickname) killed it with explosive flavors in the quickfire. This show blows Top Chef away, in that these are really top chefs already competing for an even bigger role in the culinary world. I like their commaderie and what they all represent, and their obvious admiration for each other. This is the ONLY FN show i will watch.

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    1. re: sharonm

      I disagree. Everything on this show happens way too fast. They could have done a whole half hour just with Dufresne and the gentleman who invented the antigriddle (etc.). Every dish looked interesting, but-- oops! I blinked!-- and have only a vague recollection of one or two of them. And I for one am getting really sick of the the minute-long recap and preview bumpers (the ugliest and most predictable part of reality TV) surrounding each commercial break. In all, the attempt to create drama is causing a loss of focus. Maybe it's just me, but I found this ep borderline unwatchable. This really should be a banner show for TFN-- maybe they should have given each episode two hours.

      1. re: alias wade

        Alias wade, I agree with you. They do try to cover too much in an hour, and should really make this show 2 hours. But I still congratulate them for putting genuine chefs in the kitchen. 2 hours would really make this show! You're right on!

        1. re: sharonm

          it's not a question of extending the length of time during which the program runs.

          they need to remove all the superfluous crap - i.e. "the minute-long recap and preview bumpers surrounding each commercial break" aliaswade mentioned.

          the network should really think about increasing what they charge advertisers for air time. if they got more for each spot, perhaps they could cut down on the ridiculously excessive number of commercials they manage to cram into a single hour...?

      2. re: sharonm

        Compared to Top Chef this show has so much potential with the chefs involved, but the show to me just seems very disjointed and poorly produced. Top Chef gave you a good feel for the group dynamic and everything just flowed well, each episode of Top Chef felt like you got 2 hours of show streamlined into 1 hour. TNIC seems like they shot the show in the morning and just cut and pasted some clips together to show later that night. Top Chef had 15 contestants, 2 challenges per episode; not only did they go over all the dishes presented to the judges but they were able to give viewers a feel for each chef's personality and style. In the same one hour show, with fewer contestants at that, the dishes in TNIC seem rushed, and the chef's are lifeless (Michael Symon and Chris Cosentino being the exceptions). By the end of the competition I want a winner that I can strongly identify with so that when that chef makes their debut on Iron Chef America, I'm amped with hype and anticipation. If they keep the show as it's been these first two weeks, there's gonna be a winner but that hype and anticipation will have no pulse.

        And Alton Brown is my favorite Food Network personality, but he is NOT the right fit for this show whatsover. I don't know what it is but the chemistry he has with the chefs is like oil and water.

        1. re: Bunson

          "Top Chef had 15 contestants, 2 challenges per episode; not only did they go over all the dishes presented to the judges but they were able to give viewers a feel for each chef's personality and style."

          I disagree. Top Chef's approach is to focus on a handful of contestants, and ignore the rest. We only saw a detailed description of the top dishes and bottom dishes. The chef's complained that they received little feedback if they weren't on top or on bottom. When watching the reunion episode, there were at least three chefs whom I could not name.

          TNIC makes a point to give each chef air time, and to critique each dish. Unfortunately, the result of this is a lack of focus in the earlier episodes. I expect things to improve as the number of chefs dwindles.

          I do agree with you that TNIC suffers from sloppy editing. As others have said, devoting less time to recaps before and after commercial breaks would be an enormous improvement.

      3. Love the chefs, love the challenges, love the concept, love the judges, hate the editing.

        I was pleased to hear the judges imply that overall performance throughout the competition will be used to determine eliminations. That was my number one complaint about Top Chef. It also gives me confidence that Cosentino, my fave, will make it to the final four.

        I hope the editing gets tighter in the coming weeks. I noticed that two chefs are set to go home next week, so I expect there to be more of a focus when they're down to four.

        1. I caught a bit of TNIC and have to say while the chefs were obviously real, it seemed sort of dumb. The part I caught had them cutting up bulk items, chickens, produce, etc. That lost me right there. Given the level of abiltiy of the chef, seems like a waste of time, mine and theirs. I didn't watch any more. The editing was weird.

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          1. re: ML8000

            But cutting up those items quickly and correctly is exactly the skill set needed for an Iron Chef with the time restraint.

            Furthermore, the chef was penalized if an item wasn't prepped properly. It wasn't all about just the speed. Regardless of the show requirements, I'd think every good chef needs the ability to butcher fast and correctly. There's always an element of time constraints in any professional cooking situation.

            1. re: Jase

              You're right they need those skills but it seems like a given to me. Subjecting the viewer to such details could be educational...or overkill.

          2. I comment once again! I say bravo because i'm happy to see real cooking and creativity, and loved the intricacy and weirdness of the technology challenge. but yes the editing is terrible, and yes what's up with Alton? While wiping chef Besh's, or Cosentino's face with a towel it looked like he was going to knock him out. He seems a little cranky and maybe envious. Who knows? He's no Padma, talks way too fast =), but doesnt have her charm either. He needs more enthusiasm, less sarcasm, and some charm to boot.

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            1. re: sharonm

              Why isn't Steingarten judging - anyone know?