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Pasta heavy menu for pre-marathon dinner

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I am looking for a restaurant with a lot of pasta options (thinking red-sauce options so more italian american) for the nite before the marathon for my father and sister to eat lots of carbs. Open to any areas and looking for cost per entree under $25. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Little Italy. If you can't get into Il Cortile, go anywhere else. Despite all the protests on this board, the pasta in Little Italy is very good. (Avoid high end items like meat and fish, which can vary from good to awful).

    Again, for pasta, ignore those that hate Little Italy ("too touristy" "OMG avoid, avoid" "with so many great places in NYC, WHY would you go there?")

    And then get a cannolo at Caffe Palermo.

    1. What about Becco? They do the ayce pasta (three, I think) special dinner with antipasti. Caveat: it's not the greatest pasta in the city and it is crazy crowded (and noisy) if you are there pretheatre. I've been at a nontheatre hour and the crowd isn't nearly as bad.

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        I think Becco's pasta is very well done, especially considering the amount they go through daily. That AYCE special is not for the Pre-The crowd, tho... its for those who can dine after the curtain goes up!

      2. I think Tony Dinapolis on the Upper East Side or Times Square would fit the bill perfectly. Tonys is a red sauce family style place and the prices are really reasonable. Little Italy can be hit or miss and the one time I ate at Becco I had some major stomach issues.

        1. Via Emilia has great homemade pastas and is relatively inexpensive. lasagna, tortellonis and the spaghettis are great. 21st btwn Park and Broadway. Note, its cash only.

          1. Try Sapore on Greenwich. I've never been - I hardly ever go to Italian restaurants, much less order pasta - but a lot of my running buddies carbo-load there. There's apparently a decent selection, and it's wallet-friendly.

            1. Frank in the East Village has great pasta, especially the spaghetti and meatballs special and the rigatoni and sausage dish. Personally, I think the best pasta in the city is at Lupa and Otto, both in the Village. They are both resonably priced and delicious. While they branch out from "red-sauce", the spaghetti with pomodoro sauce at lupa is simple and simply delicious, and the pasta alla norma at otto is great too.

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                Although I love Lupa and Otto, their pasta dishes tend to be a just little rough on my stomach - definitely not what I want the night before a marathon. In the past I've gone to Da Andrea on Hudson and Malatesta on Christopher on Marathon Eve and enjoyed them both very much. I think I'd recommend Malatesta over all as I think their homemade spaghetti is one of the few worth ordering out and pretty perfect for the meal in question.

              2. Piccolo Angolo on Hudson and Jane has a lot of red sauce options, as you can choose any pasta with any sauce.

                1. DEFINTELY Puttanesca!