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Oct 14, 2007 06:40 PM

the george street diner new ownership

the george street diner has got new owners, anyone been there yet?

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  1. Yeah, went there this weekend. Subtle makeover, new menu -- no more blueberry pancakes. Sigh.

    1. Wow! When did this happen?

      The GSD is one of my favourite places in the 'hood. I hope the new owners treat it with the same respect...

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      1. re: westhead74

        I believe it happened around the end of September. I live in the neighbourhood, but didn't have any warning. The former owner is reportedly focusing on catering now.

      2. love the peameal - hope they improve on the bun!

        1. Went the other day and really enjoyed it. Had the meatloaf with mushroom gravy (a new addition to the menu). I liked Peter the former owner and was sad to see him go. However he wanted to get out of the biz for a while. Glad he moved on successfully. The new owners seem to be on top of their game. Saw them in there late last night cleaning.

          1. I've been there for breakfast the last 2 days in a row. It's now owned/operated by a kind of quirky Irish woman and her team of UK expats. Great atmosphere, excellent food (English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast), and very reasonable prices.

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            1. re: Tzero

              Oooooh tell me more about their version of the Irish Breakfast, Tzero. Need details at least on what's in it.

              1. re: Googs

                I haven't had it yet, but I think it includes baked beans, irish bacon, grilled tomato, eggs, and some kind of special irish toast.

                1. re: Tzero

                  Not to sound snobby or anything (and really who could while discussing buttery fried heart attack on a plate) the bar for me is this:

                  The Tarra Inn Irish Breakfast - Soda bread, scones, blood pudding, white pudding, rashers, sausage, fried tomato, homemade baked beans, can't remember if it's 2 or 3 eggs, home fries, butter, butter, and then some butter.