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Oct 14, 2007 06:21 PM

Wine, Fruit Chocolate delivery service?

My wife will be in London for a week for a conference and I'd like to have some things sent to her hotel. Ideally, I'll be able to get a bottle of wine, some fruit and a few relatively healthy snacks...and, of course, chocolate. Can anyone recommend a service that can do a basket or set of items like this and deliver it in London?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. London, Ontario - I assume - I don't know if they have one of these in London, but you should try Edible Arrangements. They deliver "bouquets" of fruits and chocolate. I have never had one, but I have seen them and they look beautiful.

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      Indeed, London, Ontario...I didn't miss by a whole ocean :)

      I'll check to see if they have a store in London, Ontario, thanks for the idea. Any others anyone?

    2. There's a place called Better Than Flowers that will do custom gift baskets. I haven't used them myself but a colleague seemed satisfied with their service -

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        I used to go to UWO, and realy loved the chocolaterie in Covenant Market. They are well known for their truffles, and a few dozen delivered will only run you about $30.

      2. Remember the LCBO has some 'regulations'.
        Difficult to order wine - need a signature that the recipient is "of age".

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          Look no further, call Nutcracker Sweet. They are in Toronto, at Avenue Road and Lawrence. They ship everywhere, have amazing products and are approved by LCBO. They also have a website. p.s. that is 'sweet' of you!!

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            Thanks so much, millygirl, for the excellent suggestion. I checked all of the suggestions out and many looked good. I went with Nutcracker Sweet this time and they were wonderful. I specified a few things and an overall price and they filled in the rest. My wife is thrilled and well fed. I'd highly recommend them.

            1. re: ccbweb

              Oh great, glad to hear it worked out for you ccbweb (and her)!!! They've been around for probably 20 years at the same location and they are always reliable. They do a great business from word of mouth and pretty much hardly ever advertise.